Venus and Sun Conjunction- Effect in Different Houses

Venus and Sun Conjunction- Effect in Different Houses

Sun signifies our soul whereas Venus signifies beauty and luxury, What happens when these two planets form conjunction?

Sun is the representation of our soul and inner self. Venus, on the other hand, talks about comfort, luxury, love, and relationships. It gives you a sense of beauty, art, and creativity. Sun amplifies the quality of Venus in this combination.

Effect of Venus and Sun Conjunction

A person with this conjunction is a very knowledgable and ego-centered person. Experts Astrologers say that the person is usually governed by his ego that can act as a matter of concern in his life and romantic relationships as well. Their need to have a successful career is often in contraction with their relationship with their loved ones.

Peace is always their priority due to which they tend to ignore arguments and dealing with problems. They have constant thought about what others think of them and they care a lot about their image and personality in the eyes of others. They try to be calculative about their actions just to please others and gain respect. The personality is very cheerful and fun to be around. They can turn diplomatic whenever needed.

When Sun is stronger than Venus it makes a person self-centered person. They are a narcissist and are very proud of themselves. This is generally the case with Leo, Scorpio, Aries, Cancer, and Sagittarius. The presence of Venus makes them crave luxury. Because of this they always want comfort in their relationship and they are never willing to sacrifice with their comfort. Good looks attract them a lot and they can easily be carried away by the way a person looks.

When Venus is stronger than the Sun then they are willing to give-in easily for their partners because of their desire and need for being loved. Venus is stronger in Libra, Capricorn, Taurus, Pisces, and Aquarius. They should not avoid talking about problems as this can lead to bigger complied issues in the future.

Combination of Venus and Sun in the first house

This makes an interesting and perfect combination. The person with this combination is blessed with many inborn qualities.

The person will have a perfectly maintained body, neither fat nor thin. He will have perfect dark hair even when inching towards old age. His voice will be a mixture of sweet and influenced tone.

This person will be very knowledgeable and will hold a good interest in art and culture. As the sun is an element in this house this makes a person desire a good position in any field and he will always lead the group. Eg If he chooses singing then he will be the main lead singer is known by everyone and not just playback singers.

Combination of Venus and Sun helps a person to balance his physical and personal life equally. He has this charming personality that attracts the attention of people around. Venus has feminine qualities and both sexes have an attractive personality and a person of the opposite sex tends to attract a good looking person. This makes them have a good sense of discrimination and admiration for good taste. They know how to bifurcate between good and bad. They can make a good connoisseur dealing with fine tastes.

Combination of Venus and Sun in the second house

The mild voice of the person holds leadership quality and a sense of pride. He will make a good speaker especially a good poet.

The person has a good hold of ancestral property that gives him every luxury and comfort. He will be blessed with parental property and will enjoy the comfort of servants in his life. He will have a hereditary rich property with stable financial conditions. This can sometimes attract family disputes regarding the property.

He might feel difficult in concentrating on a single task due to his multitasking skills. If the sun is not well placed then the person can face eyesight and speech defection issues. Such causes can lead to stammering in his voice.

Female spouses will be ego-centered in nature that can cause some problems in marriage.

Combination of Venus and Sun in the third house

The person will have the good mental strength and will be able to maintain a healthy dominating reputation in society.

He will gain a win over his enemies and will get success in his field through his hard work.

The financial condition of the family will improve after the birth of a person born with this combination but however, this will also affect the health of parents.

Combination of Venus and Sun in the fourth house

This house makes the person very creative and his thoughts will be full of philosophy. Leading him towards art, painting, poems, and entertainment. The person tends to stand out among the group. They easily forget people and know how to move over things with peace of mind.

Combination of Venus and Sun in the fifth house

The person will be born with an inbuilt quality of religious belief. He will be a scholar and will have good knowledge of mantras.

This combination affects the nature of a person deeply. He will be a fickle-minded person and have egoistic issues. Apart from this he will be romantic and will know how to respect his partner.

Combination of Venus and Sun in the sixth house

This conjunction brings him enough fame and name. He will be very competitive by nature and will be able to get success over his competitors.
This house attracts a government job for a person. That can make him indulge in illegal means of earning money. He can also show his interest in politics.

Many health-related issues are faced by the person that includes, heart diseases, digestive fire, abdominal issues, etc.

The person will be blessed with more girl children and will have to do remedies in order to beget a boy child.

Venus and Sun in the seventh house

The person will have a charming personality but will have less hair. His complexion will be fair and he will be very noticeable. His behavior will have a royal touch and he will be respected highly among his relatives.
Criticizing the nature of the person will make him a good politician. He will be attracted to sex and love and this can sometimes lead to frustration.

Combination of Venus and Sun in the eighth house

He will have a long life but will be internally weak. He will suffer from health issues especially issues related to the brain.

There will be ego problems in their marital life that can lead to serious issues like trust-breaking and divorce.

The person will live a luxurious life with every comfort he desires. He will be a vivid traveler and might have a drinking problem.

Combination of Venus and Sun in the ninth house

This house gives a person a royal background with good communicating skills. His personality is eye-catching and very demanding.

The person will be religious and his beliefs will be strong. He will have a strong and healthy relationship with his father that will eventually help him succeed.

Issues like mental health problems and eyesight problems will be faced frequently and the person should work on curing it.

Combination of Venus and Sun in the tenth house

This house will shower immense wealth and luxury on a person. He will be of sound health and will achieve success easily. He will be elated towards society and politics. His nature will make him a good politician.

He will belong to a famous family and will always be helped by the fame of his family. He will receive support from the government.

There can be some issue in begetting children after marriage.

Combination of Venus and Sun in the eleventh house

The person is born leader and will be awarded awards and honor. He will be of sound health and will live a long life. He will generally face an eyesight problem.

The person will be blessed with more girl child.

The person will be more inclined towards comfort and a luxurious lifestyle.

Combination of Venus and Sun in the twelfth house

This house gives huge success in the stock market and indicated a very successful financial career. He will give a connection with royal families and will be very decent in his behavior.

He will have an elderly reputation in his family. His desire for comfort and luxury can make him a money-minded person.

Suitable Career

With the combination of that charming personality and blessing of the sun, the person is likely to gain success in politics. His ability to gain followers easily can also be put in best use through this field. He can also be a successful influencer, actor, and other creative fields.

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Remedies to treat ill effects

Due to a major problem in marital life the person should especially take care when dealing with this. He should not marry at the age of 22 or 25.

The person should not use the red color floor to avoid arguments and issues in his married life.

To beget a child, as a cure, a person’s wife should wear a gold bangle.

He should avoid eating jaggery soon after his engagement to obtain happiness.

The person should feed snakes with milk.

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