What Color Of Sapphire Is The Most Expensive?


When it comes to precious gemstones, sapphires have captivated the hearts and minds of both gem enthusiasts and collectors for centuries. These stunning gemstones are renowned for their vibrant colors, exceptional durability, and timeless beauty. However, not all sapphires are created equal, and their value can vary significantly based on a variety of factors, with color being one of the most critical determinants. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the enchanting world of sapphires and uncover the answer to the intriguing question: What color of sapphire is the most expensive?

Defining Sapphire

Before we dive into the nuances of sapphire colors and their respective values, let’s establish a clear understanding of what sapphire is. Sapphire is a precious gemstone belonging to the corundum mineral family. Corundum is an aluminum oxide crystal, and when it comes to sapphires, the allure lies in the presence of trace elements that impart distinct colors to the gemstone. While blue sapphires are the most famous, sapphires can be found in a dazzling array of colors, each with its unique charm and price tag.

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The Spectrum of Sapphire Colors

Sapphires, often associated with the color blue, can exhibit a broad spectrum of hues. To determine the most expensive color, we need to explore the various shades that sapphires can display:

1. Blue Sapphire: The Classic Choice

Blue sapphires are undoubtedly the most iconic and sought-after variety. The ideal blue sapphire boasts a deep, velvety blue hue with excellent saturation and minimal secondary colors. These are often referred to as “cornflower blue” sapphires and are exceptionally rare and valuable.

2. Pink Sapphire: The Delicate Beauty

Pink sapphires are known for their soft, romantic hues. The most expensive pink sapphires exhibit a pure, bubblegum pink color with no undertones of orange or purple. These exquisite gems are highly prized for their elegance and charm.

3. Yellow Sapphire: The Sunshine Gem

Yellow sapphires range from pale lemon to vibrant canary yellow. The most valuable yellow sapphires display a vivid and uniform color, reminiscent of a sun-kissed daffodil. Intense and pure yellows are the most coveted.

4. Padparadscha Sapphire: The Rare Marvel

Padparadscha sapphires are a unique and highly prized variety known for their delicate blend of pink and orange hues. The most expensive Padparadschas exhibit a harmonious fusion of these colors, resembling a mesmerizing sunset.

5. Green Sapphire: The Earthy Allure

Green sapphires can range from light mint to deep forest green. The most valuable green sapphires have a vibrant, emerald-like color with excellent clarity, making them a favorite among connoisseurs.

6. Purple Sapphire: The Regal Choice

Purple sapphires are admired for their regal and mysterious allure. The most expensive purple sapphires display a rich, royal purple hue with no traces of brown or gray undertones.

Factors Influencing Sapphire Prices

While color is a primary factor in determining the value of a sapphire, several other factors come into play:

  • Clarity: Sapphires with minimal inclusions and blemishes are more valuable.
  • Cut: Well-crafted cuts maximize a sapphire’s brilliance and overall appeal.
  • Carat Weight: Larger sapphires command higher prices, but color quality remains paramount.

The Most Expensive Sapphire Color

Now that we’ve explored the dazzling spectrum of sapphire colors and the factors influencing their value, it’s time to answer the question: What color of sapphire is the most expensive?

Blue sapphires reign supreme in the world of sapphires when it comes to price. Specifically, the cornflower blue sapphires, characterized by their deep, pure blue color with excellent saturation, are the most expensive. These sapphires have consistently fetched top prices at auctions and among collectors, making them the ultimate symbol of luxury and prestige.

In conclusion, while sapphires come in a stunning array of colors, it’s the enchanting blue sapphires, especially those reminiscent of a beautiful cornflower, that claim the title of the most expensive. Their rarity, captivating color, and timeless appeal have cemented their status as a prized gemstone coveted by all.

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