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Amazed by the selfless cars in the Hollywood sci-fi movies? What’s the hurry when you can own one! The new Driver-less electronic are going to get in the market soon. Taking a 360 degree turn where we could only see a person driving a car, we could now have cars doing the same.

A self-driving machine that could stop the accidents by using ultimate technologies, what would be more robust than having this great idea?

Whenever we hear the term driver-less cars, the first thought we have in our mind is Google and Tesla,who have spent tons on their R&D department and are coming up with the concept of selfless driving.

Nowadays, people can’t agree more to the fact the driver-less cars are the future of the automotive industry. But on the flip side only a few will agree that such advancement could not result in the road accidents.


And the Future…

Recent reports by the US stated that use of driver-less electronic cars 90% of the road accidents could reduce. Whenever we hear the term driver-less cars, the first thought we have in our mind is Google and Tesla.

After spending years of research and study have come up with the vision of cultivating the automation industry more. Google has come up with Waymo, first driver-less car.

Last year in India, Fisheyebox a startup also came forward by taking up the initiative of testing the driver-less technology in Maruti Celerio.

By developing an extremely vigorous perception module which could easily sense the environment around the vehicle like moving obstacles, road signs, traffic lights.

 With advancement in technologies, more and more organizations are coming up with latest innovations in automation and thus are spending up hundred of millions of pounds on their research and development team.

Victimizing approximately 1.25 people in the world, killing more men than women, road accidents are the leading cause of major deaths globally, targeting 15-44 years old worldwide.

Eventually people are looking out for insurance-based companies who report us the amount of risk we are at and then give us the premium packages. Ever thought of keeping the driver away from the wheels and the need of insurance after that.

Pros of Driver-less Cars 

  • Majority of road accidents are caused by drunk drivers. But now people can sit back and relax without having to worry about the routes or even the road accidents.
  • Bumper to bumper traffic, which is most common in the busy times can now reduce up the commute times.
  • Driver-less cars are equipped with sensory technologies which could now avoid any glitches made by humans including poor visibility. These cars can distinguish the route obstacles thus giving us all enough reasons for less traffic accidents.
  • Arguments and discussion about the routes and navigation could be now a thing of the past and end up in fuel savings and cost cutting.
  • Old age people or the people who are young enough to experience the legit side of travelling would no longer fear about driving test and licenses.
  • Due to the self-aware system, car theft can radically cut down.
  • Can act as a savior for disabled people who rely completely on the public transport as a mode of transportation.
Cons of Driver-less Cars

Cons of Driver-less Cars 

  • Built with the latest features and advanced sensory technologies, these cars would not be an option for common people.
  • If driver-less cars step into the market, then there will be drastic unemployment and drivers will lose out their jobs.
  • If the road accident happens, then who’s at blame on the car’s owner or the company who designed the car?
  • Driver-less cars are designed to navigate you to your preferred destination but they can’t read the human road signs.
  • Skills and efficiency of a driver only develop through years of practice. Thus if the automatic cars step into the market, drivers will lose their efficiency.
  • Can be used as weapons of mass destruction.
  • Driver-less cars are subject to hacking, hence putting the veracity of the vehicle at risk.

Unlike other countries in India, government is yet to decide whether these cars will fail or succeed in the market.

\According to the Union Minister for Transportation and Highways, by promoting driver-less cars around 22 lakhs of people who are looking out for jobs in the transport industry will eventually end up not getting one. 

And on the flip side the innovation of self-driving cars can also be a life-saving to many. Apprehensively, if driver-less cars can create more comfort to its users,they can also be the one of the leading causes to road accidents.

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