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Plant zodiac sign

Try consulting the stars the next time you want to expand your collection of houseplants! Some people think that your zodiac sign may help you understand your personality and character and that the stars and planets’ positions at the moment of your birth can even aid in making future predictions. The same analysis may be used to improve other areas of your life, like decorating, selecting a drink, and even decluttering. Now is the moment to unleash your inner plant parent! The proper plant is sometimes all we need to help us activate our innate plant senses. Consider utilising astrology to choose the ideal houseplant for you based on your personality, habits, and attributes to achieve this.

1. Aries

The Aries sign is characterised by its inhabitants’ optimism, drive, and magnetic personality. These individuals exhibit fierceness and tiger-like characteristics since Mars rules them. This zodiac sign’s native flora contains prickles and thorns. Cacti and succulents are as tough as those who are born under this zodiac sign since they can withstand the intense summer heat.

2. Taurus

The amorous heart leaf philodendron is the ideal flower for Venus-ruled Taurus. A houseplant with heart-shaped leaves is an excellent match for Taurus since Venus is the planet of love and beauty. Find a location with low to strong light and water when the soil seems dry to the touch. It ultimately has the potential to transform your house into a jungle, complete with trailing tendrils that might be up to 8 feet long, if given a lot of love and care.


3. Gemini

You won’t have any problem obtaining a twin with an identical English ivy because it is such a common houseplant. For this air sign who likes things breezy, these plants look fantastic in hanging baskets. Keep the soil uniformly wet while growing in an area with bright or moderate light.

4. Cancer

These plant parents are emotive beings that make decisions based more on their intuition than their judgement. Cancers value their families and find solace in a joyful household. Beautiful money trees are the best choice for Cancers due to their deep roots and the plentiful good energy they give out.

5. Leo

Because Leo is the zodiac’s royal sign, it requires a plant that reflects its regal position. The enormous, colourful amaryllis blossoms are indeed a perfect match. These plants are often produced as wax-coated bulbs over the holidays, but if you put a bulb in a container with soil, you can keep it as a houseplant all year long. With its magnificent deep red blossoms, the variety “Red Lion” is one of the best to pair with Leo.

6. Virgo

The luxuriant (albeit finicky) banana plant is an excellent match for Virgos since they excel at attention to detail and care. Although miniature banana plants are often grown outside for their fruit, it is possible to grow them indoors for a touch of the tropics (but don’t anticipate a crop).

7. Libra

Venus is the governing planet for the Libra sign, which it denotes. Like Taureans, Librans also like comfort and beauty. They are kind, considerate, and gentle.  Dracaena is a relaxing, fresh subtropical plant that is ideal for the serene Libras. Gladiolus represents love and peace, justice, and a clear understanding of right and evil.

8. Scorpio

Snake plants have robust, erect leaves that come to a point and are nearly indestructible. The Scorpio would enjoy the appearance and form since they prefer things that are mysterious and gloomy. While they may survive in a variety of environments, snake plants do not like to be overwatered.

9. Sagittarius

The Sagittarius sign is populated largely by free spirits and wandering idealists. They have a tremendous sense of adventure and are constantly eager to attempt and learn new things. The unusual and exotic alocasia plant has a lot in common with the inquisitive Sagittarius.  The heart-shaped leaves of an alocasia and its general rarity set it apart from other, more conventional home plants. It is outgoing, exactly like its parent!

10. Capricorn

The very definition of duty and discipline is a Capricorn. They are intelligent and like being in charge of many elements of their lives. Rules and tradition are ideal for Capricorns. Together, these characteristics make Capricorns the ideal parents for bonsai. Growing bonsai is a long-standing custom with origins in ancient China. Later, Japanese Zen Buddhism transformed and refined this pastime.


11. Aquarius

Humanitarians in heart, Aquarius plant parents work to improve the state of the world. They are oddballs who detest any limitations that prevent them from achieving their goals. The pothos is the ideal partner for this sign because of their progressive personalities. This plant’s long, trailing leaves have lovely white variegation, which is a reflection of an Aquarian’s imaginative side, outgoing demeanour, and drive to explore new things.

12. Pisces

The dreamer of the zodiac, Pisces is also possibly the sign most sympathetic, empathic, and sensitive to other people’s needs. The delicate Piscean soul requires something calming since this sensitivity may be taxing. Keep a jasmine plant in your house, its lovely blossoms and enticing aroma can help transform any space into a tranquil sanctuary.

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