The worst phase of Shani Sade Sati?

Saturn is said to be that spiritual energy that teaches, tests, and pushes us to our limits. Also referred to as the “Lord of Karma”, It’s the most fearsome planet of all. One of the reasons being  Shani Sade Sati. Why people are afraid of it is mostly because of the hardships, disharmony, and discomfort that it brings for the seemingly endless time period of 7½ years. it can also be studied from the Ashtakavarga point of view, which we shall learn in the further section.

Since Shani (Saturn) is the slowest moving planet, it takes around 29 years and 10 months to complete the whole zodiac round of 12 signs.

It remains in one sign for around 2 ½ years. When a person goes through this phase- his curiosity starts – what will happen to him during this time and a number of natives get scared of this period. The hitch is whether the whole period will remain awful or a little of the period will be fine. 

How to recognize Sade Sati?

It is very easy to understand. Here the moon sign is to be taken into consideration. We are required to look at the sign where Moon is placed in the Lagna/Ascendant chart. This phase of misery or inconvenience begins when Saturn transits in the first, second, and twelfth houses from the natal moon. 

Given the fact that Saturn, which is addressed as the most malefic planet goes past Moon that symbolizes our deepest emotions and the Mind of a person. The reason why sade Sati brings a lot of hardships into our lives is due to the fact that it clogs up our mind and targets our logical and rational thinking resulting in adversity into life. 

This is the period they say can make a king into the beggar! Read on to see out how Sade Sati has the ability to turn the tables in both good ways and bad.

Three Phases of Sade Sati

First Phase of Sade Sati: When Saturn enters in twelfth house from the moon, it starts the Sade Sati on a particular horoscope or a person.  It can be said- when Moon is in Aries sign, Sade Sati will start when Saturn will enter Pisces. Saturn will remain in this sign for 2.5 years approximately. And it is said to be the First Phase of Sade Sati. 

The first phase of Sade Sati tends to influence the economic situations of the natives as their bills are likely to exceed their income. Native may fail in initiating new financial projects during this period.

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Second Phase of Sade Sati: When it goes to Aries sign after 2.5 years. Then begins the second phase of Sade Sati which is also known as the pinnacle phase of Sade Sati. Given the reasons that it brings about a great deal of obstacles in family and business matters of the native quite frequently.

He may struggle with the relations with his friends and family resulting in him to live far from his family and suffer from various health-related issues.

Third Phase of Sade Sati: Then again after 2.5 years, Saturn will enter into Taurus sign, second house from the moon- which will be the Third Phase of Sade Sati.  So, friends, this is the way how Saturn enters these three houses, twelve, first and second house from moon and makes a seven and a half year period which according to astrology we call Sade Sati period. 

Native going through the third phase of Sade Sati is advised to not involve in fights and clashes.

The worst phase of Sade Sati

sade sati

Out of the three phases, the second phase is the most difficult one for natives as in this phase Moon is conjunct with Saturn. The combination of Saturn and Moon cannot be taken as favorable. Hence, the results of Sade Sati entirely depend upon the position of Saturn. The results of Shani Sade Sati are not always depressing.  It depends upon the Placement/Transit of Saturn also. Shani Sade Sati effect may be auspicious, inauspicious or mixed depending upon whether Moon is in Saturn sign or in exalted, debilitated or in friendly sign. 

Sade Sati will not affect Taurus, Libra and Aquarius Sign. Saturn in Transit also gives auspicious result in 3rd, 6th and 11th houses from Ascendant. When transiting these houses, it can give monetary gains, achievement in a profession, employment and freedom from diseases as well as a person will be courageous and his desires will be fulfilled. 

On the contrary-in bad houses, it gives fears, illness and heavy expenditure. In addition to it when Saturn is transiting through its own signs, or sign of exaltation it endows the native with good results. The malefic results increase when the Saturn transits through debilitation or is in enemy sign. 

Sade Sati and Ashtakavarga

Ashtakavarga is a series of 7 planets from their respective radical places and from Lagna in natal chart and measurement of the result is numerically explained.

We calculate various points in Ashtakavarga as a method given by the great sage to learn about sade sati. The benefic points are called Bindus and Malefic are called Rekhas. Bindus and Rekhas act as catalytic agents to increase or decrease the good effect of Bhavas under consideration. It is the most specific method used for transit results. Bindus are benefic points given by planets in Ashtakavarga contributed by 7 planets and Lagna to sade sati. 

Planets give Maximum 8 bindus in his own Ashtakavarga. Similarly, Rekhas are malefic points in Ashtakavarga. We calculate Rekha after deducting the total bindus given by 7 planets and Lagna from 8 and we get the Rekhas. E.g. The total points are 8. Saturn got 5 points then Rekhas will be 3.

Strength of Bindus

0 to 3 BindusBad result
4 Bindus Medium
5-6 BindusGood
7-8 BindusVery Good

Similarly, Sarvashtakvarga is prepared for various houses. The total benefit points in a horoscope are 337. There are 12 Bhavas. The average point of each bhava is 28. Hence the Bhava which is more than an average point or specified point of each Bhava will be strong and less than that is considered weak. 

The transit of a planet in a Rashi or Bhava containing more than average Bindu’s i.e. 28 gives a good result, whereas when it is transiting through a weak Rashi/bhava give the adverse result.  It has been observed that planets transiting in a sign with more than 30 Bindus give very good results. A house is considered to be a very week if there are less than 20 Bindus in it. So the result related to the house will be unfavorable. 

sade sati

While applying the Ashtakavarga principle on Sade Sati- we have to look upon these essentials:

  • When Saturn passes through 12th, 1st and 2nd house from the moon have more than 30 Bindus each in Sarvashtakvarga, the result of this transit would be beneficial. However, it may give problems while transit through the sign having less than 28 Bindus
  • If the Bhin Ashtakavarga of Saturn contributed more than 4 Bindus, the result of this transit cannot be bad. On the contrary- it will give bad results.
  • The result would again be not bad if Saturn is transiting through his own/friend’s house.
  • See also the Nakshatra surrounding Moon. If these are beneficial, the result of Sade Sati cannot be bad. 
  • Aspects of other planets should also be taken into consideration. Benefic aspects give excellent results, while malefic aspects cause evil.

Astrological remedies to reduce the negative effects

There are certain remedies during this period i.e. 23000 Shanti Mantra in 40 days, Donation of the Black gram, Urad dal, and Hanuman Chalisa.

Thus, it is the duty of astrologer,- While giving the result of Sadesati to any native, he should study the chart very carefully and native should do the proper remedies in full faith.

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These were the major details about Shani and the period of Sadhe Sati. Also, you may like to read about Halloween Astrology- Look for each zodiac.

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