Zodiac Signs as ‘Friends’ Character. Which one are you?

zodiac signs as friends character

The evergreen show ‘Friends’ will never be forgotten. I can never get bored with the series and the characters. It is my all-time most loved series and to date, I can watch it for hours. And I believe you do too that’s why you are here, In fact, Each character somehow resembles certain zodiac traits. Are you Chandler, Monica Rachel? So let’s find out zodiac signs as ‘Friends’ character.

Ross Geller

Ross will be most definitely will be a Libra zodiac sign. Libras are ardent lovers and sensitive. They believe in justice and equality and that is what Ross is. He is always ready to fight the wrong and demand justice. Moreover, you remember the episode where he insisted that “we were on a break.” Yes, this how Libras are adamant and politically correct.

Rachel Green

Rachel Green resembles the zodiac Sagittarius as they are attractive and they are independent. In fact, she did not fear to leave her lavish lifestyle to start fresh. She is indecisive similar to Sagittarians and full of life. In addition, these zodiac people love pets and Rachel got a cat in the series. The little rebel in whenever died and that’s why she’s a true Sagittarius.

Monica Geller

Hands down this are not at all difficult to guess. Monica ain’t none other than Virgo zodiac. Virgos are the perfectionists and are uptight about their surroundings. Moreover, Virgos love discipline and order to prevail. Monica liked things clean and proper and one small mess would boil her up.

Joey Tribbiani

Joey is the lazy and foodie Taurus. He can binge on all day without complaining. “Joey doesn’t share his food”, and that’s what a true Taurean does. You can find Joey having a hard time getting used to the changes in his life. His loyalty is unmatched and he believes in strong long term friendship. Not to forget his amazing catchphrase “How you doin?”

Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe is like an Aquarius zodiac sign, mysterious and fun. Her character was that of the dorky friend that was very different from the rest. An Aquarius has a hard time settling ins relationship. We have witnessed how Phoebe’s relationship never lasted for more than 3 months. However, she finally settled with Mike her true soulmate. This is how Aquarians are rough exterior and soft-hearted internally.

Chandler Bing

The sarcastic Chandler resonates Scorpio zodiac sign. They can put you to shame by their clever remarks and honesty. Scorpio never fears anyone and speaks their mind out which makes them fall in their own trap. That’s what Chandler did, often too honest and creating some drama in everyone’s life. In addition, he’s goofy and weird and that’s why he’s the most loved character in the Friends Tv show.

So these were Zodiac Signs as ‘Friends’ Character. I hope you enjoyed.

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