Marriage Material- These Zodiac Signs Are A Big No

Zodiac Signs Who Are Not A Marriage Material

For marriage, these zodiac signs are a MAJOR NO. With these people, a wedding is like a one way trip to the abyss. They are simply Not A MARRIAGE MATERIAL.

There are people who can show you wonders in love. You will just be marveled by how emotionally tune they are with your feelings and beautifully they express the way feel about you. With these zodiac signs, your life gets better every day. They are perfect to date.

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Then there are a few zodiacs who just can’t keep it cool. You may just start dating them and before you are even close, they might end up messing things. At one moment, you might feel like they love you a lot. Then the next moment, your value drops to nothing. So, it becomes tough to analyze whether they actually feel something for you or not.

Well, in this blog you can take a deep dive into what makes these people not so marriage material zodiac sign.

Confused Gemini- Not a Marriage Material

Gemini is a sign very well known for its witty humor. These people are amazing at friendship. Whenever in need, you will find a Gemini friend around. Besides, with a Gemini, you will require a statement to reassure that they love you. These people make a terrible partner. Owing to their crispy nature, they speak fluent sarcasm. Often, this habit lands them into unnecessary conflicts. On the other side, these people are a fan of disputes.

Though these people are truly reliable. They aim to have a perfect shade of their life. However, they equally fantasize about MESS.

Therefore, amid their content desire for both balance and chaos, they make it tough to be with one person successfully. Geminis are rather indecisive, so if it’s a life or death case, they’d be in serious trouble. This can ruin a relationship.

Whiny Cancer- Not Good For Marriage

Cancer is an over-emotional zodiac sign. We know. However, it’s not what causes issues. Cancerians are way too moody. One moment they are all happy and the other moment they can blast over a small discomfort.

Tough these people are the master of the sea of emotions. They know how to keep their partner’s morale high. They will take care of their partner like nobody else. Around a Cancerian, you can never lonely or alone in tough times. They will show you affection, attention, support, and understanding. However, things get ugly when they get emotional.

Specifically, if you are a person who is not so expressive and stays far away from drama, then being with a Cancerian can be very exhausting.

Secretive Scorpio- Not so Marriage Material

Just like Virgos, Scorpions are also obsessed with PERFECTION.

Commonly, people praise them for their intelligence. However, these people are too manipulative. In a relationship, they believe whatever they are doing is the only correct thing to do. They are bossy and wish their motives to be fulfilled in the relationship. Their obsessive and tyrannical nature makes them not so perfect for marriage material.

In addition to this, Scorpios are secretive and revengeful. If you do a mistake, they will make sure you pay for it. In a relationship, trust matters the most. However, owing to their paranoid behavior these people are jealous of almost every person around their partner. EVERYONE.

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