Zodiac Signs that Can’t Move On Easily

Zodiac Signs that Can't Take Breakup

Letting go is not as easy as it seems. For some people, it takes about two-three months and for some as much as a year or two. The level of moving on depends from person to person and their characteristic traits. Breakups are definitely hard on every one of us. We try things from watching motivational youtube videos to binge-watching Netflix. Sometimes it works wonders and sometimes we are back to square one. However, speaking of zodiac signs there are certain signs who don’t take heartbreak well. Actually nobody does but these zodiacs feel the hit hard. Further, let’s have a look at these zodiac signs that can’t move on easily:


Taurus is the most loving zodiac sign. They stay loyal in their relationships and make commitments for a lifetime. They don’t date to kill time, its a serious commitment for them. When things don’t go according to their plans they get hurt to the utmost. Breakups are their deepest fear. When their partner leaves, it is hard for them to digest it all in. Taurus spends their time reflecting where they went wrong thus staying stuck in the same place for a long time.


Gemini likes to play it cool when they come eye to eye with heartbreak. They act as if it was like a passing song but this is far from the truth. Don’t get deceived by their pretentious brave face. When no one’s around they hide under their blanket and mourn. The social butterfly reputation is too important, staking is not in their to-do list. The zodiac signs that can’t move on easily with courage are Geminis, hands-down.


Cancerians are the most emotional zodiac of all. When their significant other breaks up then they forget the world and end up in misery. They try contacting them and reconcile. Sometimes they ignore themselves while processing all the hurt and loss from a relationship. Recovering from a breakup isn’t a piece of cake for Cancer zodiac.


Virgo breakup is the most intense and earth-shattering. They start sulking and self-blaming themselves. Virgos feel like they are perfect be it any pursuit of life. So when your partner breakups with you, you start to lose interest in all romantic suitors. Another chance at love is like them trying to repeat history. Their fears don’t let you enter in a relationship anytime soon.


Aquarius is one of the zodiac signs that are ignorant of their own feelings. They feel like they have moved on but that’s far from the truth. Going out on dates and looking for a rebound can only last a few days. When they come to a realization of the loss, it really is tough for them. The biggest problem is that they are in denial of what has happened. So the best way to deal with the recurring pain is through acceptance.

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