8 Zodiac signs who love pets

Pets are one of the biggest supporters of showering unconditional love and support on us, irrespective of how we are. And who doesn’t love them? Well, there are zodiac signs who love pets!

They are a part of our family and make us love them with the same zeal and enthusiasm as any other human being. 

However, astrology says that some zodiac signs are believed to love pets more than any other living being, which is true in every sense. So, which zodiac sign loves the pest most?

If you were searching for which zodiac sign loves pets or leo loves animals, here is an ultimate answer to all your doubts. 

Read below to find out six zodiac signs as animals that also love pets to their core being. 

Zodiac signs who love pets are:

1. Aries 

If you are born between 21 March and 19 April, then you are an Aries, and chances are that you love all animals equally. That is right! While some zodiac signs are dog lovers and pet lovers, when it comes to Aries, they love all animals equally. 

Answering to Zodiac signs who love pets recently the trend has shifted slightly, making Aries a huge cat lover. Interestingly, it turns out that cats love Aries as well! 


This is because cats are supremely attracted to the traits shown by Aries and like living with them peacefully. Hence, now we have a clear answer: which zodiac sign loves cat? It’s Aries!

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2. Taurus 

If you are born between 20 April and 20 May, then you are a Taurus. The history of Taurus liking pets goes back to the country’s farming and agriculture traditions. It is found that a majority of farmers are Taurus and are huge animal lovers. One of the Zodiac signs who love pets.


This animal lover is not just confined to pets and domestic animals, but they are also known to have a way with large animals and take care of all kinds of them. The idea of a fun getaway for them would be a ride to the stable or a wildlife sanctuary amongst the animals, nature, and their environment. 

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3. Cancer

If you are born between the dates 21 June to 22 July, then you are a Cancer and extreme in terms of your emotional availability. Since pets make the best medicine for a heavy and emotional heart.


Cancers are fond of pets and taking care of them. You will always find them hugging their pets, keeping them close, snuggling, and sometimes even talking to them. Apart from this, they are also very intuitive in catering to the needs of their pets. They are always aware of what they need and take great care of them. 

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4. Virgo 

If you are born between 23 August and 22 September, then you are a Virgo, and chances are that you are not a great fan of conversing with people. Rumor has it that Virgos are people repellants, and rightfully so. 


However, their love is transported in the faithful direction towards animals, and they never hesitate to show this love. The best way to define their love for pets will be to place them around animals if you want to see how loving they can be. Chances are you will see a new side. 

5. Sagittarius

If you are born between 22 November and 21 December, then you are a Saggitarius. These people adore and worship their freedom and can sometimes be a little irresponsible. 


However, when it comes to taking care of their animal friends, they never lose sight of them. If you can’t find your Saggitarius friend, there are high chances that you’ll find them chilling and laid back in their chair with their pets. 

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6. Pisces

If you are born between the dates 19 February to 20 March, then you are a Pisces and a big nature lover. 


As nature lovers, Pisces are huge fans of animals and taking care of them. So if you have a Pisces friend, don’t be surprised to see them open a pet rescue centre someday!

7. Leo 

Does Leo love animals? Well, yes!


If you are born between 23 July and 22 August, then you are a Leo. as strong and egoistic as Leos are believed to be, you can only see their soft side when placed with pets. Leos are so fond of animals that they might as well devote their entire home to them. 

8. Gemini 

If you are born between 21 May and 20 June, then you are a Gemini. These people have the trickiest notion about loving animals. 


In that, they adore the idea of having a pet and living with animals, but when it comes to taking action, they prefer staying away from them or cleaning themselves after having any contact. 

Now that you know which zodiac sign loves the food most and which zodiac sign loves cats, you know where to put this knowledge into use. 

You can either gift them their favourite pet for any special occasion or take them by surprise by introducing them to the most loved species. 

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