Zodiac Signs Who Are First To Break Your Heart

First zodiac signs to break your heart

Falling in love and finding your soul mate is the best feeling one could even experience. We seek love which is real and forever type. Sometimes we get so connected with a male/female friend. This is just because we share the same thoughts etc, that we start thinking them of as love partners. But the moment we cross that fine line between friendship and relationship, things tend to fall apart and we might break our hearts as well as of the other person.

But even before thinking of falling love, we think of if the relationship would last long or not. To clarify, we are afraid of heartbreaks. It is not love that we are scared of, but the thought that it’s gonna end in the worst way possible. Breakups literally suck. Even after ending the relation, the memories last for a long period of time or may even last lifelong( for some people).

So to know it even before one can actually break your heart, read the below-given information about 5 zodiac signs that will break up with you first.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

People born under this sign are free-spirited, independent, and adventurous. They like to do whatever they want without anyone’s command. Also, they are very outspoken and blunt zodiac sign when it comes to expressing what they are feeling.

So, for them, if their partner is trying to make a hold on them or trying to pin them down to one place, sags are in no shame to say – “YOU SUCK!”. Also, they will break up in the ugliest way possible, because for them their freedom is more important even if you get hurt by their words. Sags will do nothing to console you OR try for the last time to get things on the right track.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarians are extremely unpredictable and with this weird trait, they are flirts. Also, they crave attention and when someone gets drawn towards them, they can’t help but flirt even if they are in a relationship. This flirtatious nature of Aquarians makes it hard for them to stick to one person.

For a moment, they will shower love on you madly, and the other moment they are like- “UGHHH! WHATEVER”. This makes the other person walk on eggshells around their Aquarius partner. When they don’t get what they anticipate from the relationship, it won’t be hard for them to just pull off themselves from it. So they can or maybe perhaps be the first one to break up with you.

Gemini Zodiac Sign

Geminis are very tentative and it’s hard for them to commit to one person. when in a relationship with someone, they tend to be inconsistent with their and feelings and emotions or whatever they do to make the other one feel special.

While making a decision they don’t stand on their words. They tend to juggle up the things, being indecisive. This may lead them to break up with you first.

Pisces Zodiac Sign

People born under this sign are very emotional and they need someone with whom they can listen to their emotional talks. Pisceans overthink most of the time and feel inferior while comparing themselves with others. So this makes their partner get sore about their over-emotional nature.

For Pisces, when they feel that their partner is not compassionate about them being emotional and ready to have deep emotional convos with them, they won’t think even once for being in a relationship with you.

Leo Zodiac Sign

Leos are very self-centered people and extremely confident about themselves. They are the kind of people who will show a cold shoulder to you if you disrespect their prestige when in a relationship.

Leos see their partners as amplified version of themselves. So they won’t take it lightly if you don’t present yourself to the world in a decent way. Moreover, this may be the topmost reason for them to break up with you first. This may sound so childish to you but for Leo, it isn’t.

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