Top Zodiac Signs With Abandonment Issues

6 Zodiac Signs With Abandonment Issue

Humans are meant to grow, not just physically but also mentally & emotionally. They have diverse needs for physical and mental evolution. However, when due to any cause these needs are not fulfilled, it results in abandonment issues. Life is not always about a shiny summer cloud, often, we all have to experience a little rain.

People with different behavior and life patterns experience different incidents and deal with them in a variety of ways. Thus, all the occurrences and outcomes craft a person in a unique manner. Some, with the roughness of life, become strong both emotionally and mentally. On the other hand, some turn emotionally vulnerable. Out of the 12 Zodiac Signs, there are a few that are most likely to have abandonment issues.

It may be because of any reason, for instance, childhood loss, separation or trust issues. However, just in case you know any such person, and you think you are undergoing strange incidents with them that constantly confuse you about their soft feelings amalgamated with their rigid traits. Then, this article is for you to learn more about them and how to make them trust you.


Cancerians are like a cuddle that makes it so comfy that you neither are afraid to express your heart nor wish to leave the bed. I believe that’s the type of comfort we all look for. The only problem with these beautiful souls is their overthinking combined with their imaginative melancholia. When you are dating a Cancerian, be ready for an out of nowhere sadness and drama. They are experts in envisioning doldrums.

Well, you may also find them being a sadist AF. As a matter of fact, they are extremely emotional and sensitive. Therefore, they commonly suffer from abandonment issues. Thus, to cover it, their rude response and sudden inappropriate demeanor is only a defense mechanism.


Pisceans being the last of the chain, consist of all the good as well as bad of all the zodiac signs. It is a sign that bears all the positive and negative traits of each sign.

Abandonment Issues, constant blues are inbuilt traits in a Pisces. They can’t do anything but feel this way on a regular interval. These folks are imaginative, caring, loyal, and dreamy. Yet, they lack the guts to trust and jump in the well of love or faith in the other person. Often, it makes them sound too rigid. Nonetheless, they can’t help but anticipate a great deal of doom and gloom before them.


Abandonment Issue

A Virgo has a good inner sense of who they are. In addition, they don’t like what that sense tells them in general. Therefore, in turn, they presume that if they take a dim view of themselves, then all the other individuals do so, and this also eventually looks like people walking away.

They often become intolerant and weird. It is uncomfortable for their familiar people. And yet, you can’t get rid of this alluring zodiac sign because of a perfectionist Virgo, despite their unpredictable traits are lovely to have around.


You must be wondering how this wandering & carefree soul can suffer abandonment issues. People wander because of their fear of losing, easy-peasy.

All the Sagittarians always want to be embraced as they are, but if they are not fully embraced by others, Sag immediately leaps to the conclusion that they are not desired, and are therefore capable of being rejected and abandoned.


Like their sign, Geminis are quite to dual in their approaches. Most of the time, they can’t decide what exactly they want. Besides their witty and humorous nature, these people have an issue of extremely low self-esteem.

On a common day, they expect the worst happenings. A typical Gemini would always even after receiving a heap of love, end up thinking that they would never be loved or cherished the way a person like them should’ve. Well, this often leads them to lose whatever they have. With them, it is like they foresee something bad coming. As a result, they don’t put up efforts to fix things but practice to get dealt with the situation.

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