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CAPRICORN Daily Horoscope


Financially, you should expect some loss today. You might feel driven at work. Your workload won't be too much to handle, and you will be approached by someone who helped you with your career.


Your lucky numbers are going to be 66, 89, 33, 21 today. Be on the lookout for these numbers


Talking to a therapist might make you feel more balanced and focused which will help you with the many challenges that lay ahead.


Your overall physical health is fine. If you are on some kind of diet, make sure that you do eat when your body craves it. If possible, check your blood and hormone levels today.

Personal detail

Sometimes, relationships don't work out. That's the sad reality of it. You can pour in your heart and your soul, and it still won't go right. Allow yourself time to grieve through this process.


Even though traveling is something in the very near future for you, today isn't the best day to travel anywhere.