10th House of Astrology- Career House of Horoscope

10th House of Astrology- Career House of Horoscope

The 10th house of the horoscope is significantly the most important dominion in the present circumstances because it shows your career, job, etc. This house is called karma bhava because it reflects and governs the actions of a person. Along with this, it also tells about your knowledge, wisdom, maturity, ability, sacrifice, and functionality. It also gives details about the reputation you gain in your life and the position you establish in the world. It corresponds with the Capricorn sign.

Tenth House in the Horoscope

This house of Vedic astrology is called Karma Bhava or Career House. But in addition, it also tells about your interest in religious studies, knowledge, livelihood, temporary success in life, self-respect, occupation, etc. According to expert astrologers, this house has a great impact on a person’s life and all their actions. Also, it shows highs you touch and the falls you take. Your ability to risk and lead is also a part of this house. Since this is your sense of karma, your financial status can also be known from it.

Characteristics of 10th House

If there are auspicious planets sitting in the 10th house of horoscope, then the native gets success in his professional life. They are blessed with a smooth and triumphing career. At the same time, the native gets success only after a lot of hard work if there are effects of inauspicious planets.

In addition to this, a strong 10th house helps the person get success in entrepreneurship. Such people also get respect at the social level and they can bring great changes in society on the basis of their actions. These people take responsibility of their family and surroundings.

However, the placement of planets and their aspect and relation with the other planets differentiate the progress rate and are. Additionally, this house also tells about studies and the adopted children.

If you want to start your business or are facing some problems in the job, then by astrological remedies of 10th House you can overcome many problems.

10th House Body Parts and Diseases

If we talk about the body parts related to this house, then your thigh is the most important body part that it governs. The strength of this house indicates how strong your thighs will be. Additionally, it rules over your knees, bones, and joints.

If a native has an inauspicious planetary position, they may suffer from weak joints, joint pain, weak knee caps, severe or mild aches, and bone-cracks, etc.

10th House and Past Life

This dominion reflects your past life. All the good deed and bad deed from the past life is analyzed through this dominion. It rules over your current life Karm (profession) as well as your past life Karma. This house accumulates whether you would be able to achieve good heights in your career or fail.

It signifies your leadership quality and your ability to sustain wealth. A native with a weak 10th House can neither make a fine career nor bears leadership abilities.

In Medini astrology, representatives of the country like Prime Minister, President are considered through this dominion. Along with this, the deeds we will carry to our next birth can be analyzed through this house.

Career House of Astrology and Success

The strength of the 10th house can give you success in any work. As it signifies the professional aspect of your life, a strong planetary position bestows miraculous results in your career. By looking at the planets and their aspect, it can be analyzed in which profession will the native go.

However, for this, you should check your horoscope and find out which field would be beneficial for you. With a strong 10th House, a native can achieve success in any kind of business. Along with this, you can analyze the success and failure of your career/ business. If there are auspicious planets in this house like Sun and Mercury, a person can achieve great success. Besides, Rahu in the 10th House makes the native invincible. Such a placement favors establishing a kingdom in any field.

If Mars is auspicious in 10th House, then the native performs well in sports or engineering. Similarly, the auspicious aspect of Venus can bring success in the field of art. With the auspicious placement of Sun in the 10th house, a person can go to higher government positions.

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