2020 Bucket List- Top 7 Things You Must Not Skip On

2020 Bucket List- Top 7 Things You Must Not Skip On

New years, they all start with a resolution and often end up in disappointment (later with a party). Not standing with that I can help you fulfill your resolutions. However, I, as an adventure-hungry person can help you make a perfect 2020 bucket list. If we talk about adventures, they don’t limit to just rush-riding, skiing, and bungee jumping. Often, unexpected meetings and experiences become the most cherishing adventures.

So, with this starting of this year, make 2020 Bucket List- immersive Things You Must Not Skip On

Watch a Snowfall

Don’t you wanna build a snowman?

What are you waiting for then? 2020 is almost at our doors and so is the snow. Let the year beginning with a happy memory lane in the first month. There are no better ways to escape the hustle of the crowd. Book a ticket, pack your things and travel to a not-so-explored hill station.

Watch a Snowfall

So, in your 2020 bucket list, watching a snowfall is a top suggestion. In India, places like Manali, Triund and Auli may be a good suggestion to enjoy the illuming bliss of nature.

Go On A Roadtrip

Isn’t your soul thirsty for a window seat that offers soothing wind amid the ally of a forest that connects us to a beautiful town? Or A hectic adventurous ride to the biker’s heaven?

Go On A Roadtrip

In the year 2020, give yourself a chance to go for a long or short road trip with your favorite people anywhere. If not a road trip, go backpacking or trekking but this year, set a milestone that you wished to lay a lot of time ago.

Swim in an Ocean

The small islands are wast prisons. Oceans and Seas, a world of depth and beyond offer all kinds to experience something gleaming & mammoth. As we all know that nature speaks to those who listen. Therefore, in your 2020 bucket list, add observing nature closely. Go to swimming an ocean and deep-sea diving.

Swim in an Ocean  2020 Bucket List

The deepness of blue sea flock people from all around the world to witness the great mysteries hidden in the waters and the other form of life that survives underwater. Whether you go with your squad or your partner or your beloved family & siblings, the blueness of water will not fail to violet your soul.

Especially for the water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces), it is a mandatory 2020 bucket list item.

Sleep Under the Stars

One of the most loved, romantic, philosophical, and calming adventure is sleeping under the stars. We’ve all slept under the stars on our roofs. However, in a camp, around a bonfire, with a group of amazing people, roasted food, great music, and breathtaking nature, sleeping under the stars become 10 times exciting and memorable.

Sleep Under the Stars 2020 Bucket List

Camping is not only about fixing a camp and lighting the bonfire. It is about a life-time experience and experiment. Also, it takes place on sights where we experience low internet connectivity. Thus, it allows people a chance to find the person hid under the core. After all, don’t we all love exploring the hidden artist part of our hearts?

Go for an Extreme Sporting Event

We all fear one thing or another. Some struggle with hydrophobia, on the other hand, some battle with heights and so on. I have claustrophobia. Therefore, I am planning a sea-trek. I believe, at the end of 2019, we must seek to end our fears.

Add a sport in your 2020 bucket list that celebrates the thrill-seekers who push the boundaries each day to the adrenaline-seeking, excitement-pumping. Further, maybe you end up in tears of triumph just like Arjun of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

Go for an Extreme Sporting Event 2020 Bucket List

For a suggestion, bungee jumping, paragliding, and river rafting can be a fine pick to commence the adventure with.

Stay in a Haunted House

Stay in a Haunted House

Whether or not you get your spine chilled, haunted places and stories are a guilty pleasure of everybody. So, why not you give yourself a reality check with an actual night stay in Haunted place?

Need suggestions? Try these spooky places.

Fall in Love

Yes, I am completely serious. Why amongst all of the adventures, Love miss the highlight. As far as I know, there ain’t no adventure similar to falling in love. Can you hear people saying 2020 already smells a lot like healing, bliss, and warmth? Then make it up to it. If you find a chance to fall in love, just jump into the feelings.

Fall in Love

We may all give our wandering nasty spirit a chance to explore love and nest. A soul’s heaven on the earth falls beneath the arms of that special person.

Take An Astrology Consultation

Zodiac Signs, horoscopes, birth chart and insight into the future escalate everyone’s motivation. In Astrology consultation, find out the charismatic truth about yourself and the future.

Take An Astrology Consultation

Oh, and BTW, this is the eighth point. So, now that I’ve dragged you to this additional option, comment below and let me know where are you heading this New Year.

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