3rd House In Vedic Astrology: Importance and Effect

3rd House In Vedic Astrology

The houses in the horoscope of a person act like a watch. Each zodiac is divided into twelve different houses. Many times, the people examine the houses. So that they can take the right step by paying attention to the events in their life.

In the birth chart of a person, different houses give different effects. In this article we will talk about, what is the effect of the third house in the horoscope of any person?

3rd House In Horoscope

In the native’s horoscope, the third house indicates courage and ability. How will be the relationship of the person with their brother and sisters? It can also be predicted by monitoring the third house. Looking at the third house in the horoscope of any person, the mental ability of natives can also be highlighted.

3rd house in horoscope

It also helps in pointing out a person’s interest in music and drama. Whatever zodiac present in 3rd house, also tells natives different areas of interest.

3rd House in the horoscope also subjects to a person working ability, communication skills, and engagement in activities like books publishing, media, and journalism.

Impact Of 3rd House

If the third house is strong and in conjunction with a good effective house, in such a situation the native is very hardworking and gets the help of brothers and friends in their life. A person touches the heights of success in life by hard-working.

But if inauspicious planets are affecting the third house, then in such a situation a person suffers losses due to friends and brothers. Together friends and brothers can betray you.

If there is an influence of inauspicious planets on this house, then it shows that a person may have to suffer from diseases related to the brain and breath in life.

If the third house of the horoscope is affected by Rahu Ketu, then the native is the eldest in their house as a child.

Along with this effect of Rahu and Ketu results in life problems. It can also bring tension in relationships. As the third house is for highness, self-respect comes in force and the person gets the courage to face the people.

Remedies for 3rd House

Remedies for 3rd House
Astrological Remedies

3rd House is supposed to be the most praising position for Rahu. But, still native face some issue which impacts their personality.

The presence of impulsive planet Mars impacts an individual’s mind and communication. Such natives are honored with an active brain. But sometimes it can also make them too aggressive. They are too much involved in debates, discussions, and arguments as they get great pleasure in defeating others and proving their prospective correct.

Listed below are some astrological remedies mentioned in Vedic astrology. You can follow to stay away from problems in this planetary situation:

  • Bypass from things made up of ivory.
  • Wear jewelry made up of silver metal.
  • Drop some coriander and Almonds in the water stream.

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