4 Ways to Cultivate Self Love

4 Ways to Cultivate Self Love

Love is magic. It is capable of crafting wonders. Some people love too deep. Whereas, some accept practical tradition. But what about self-love? The most amazing and yet hazardous thing about us is we can often be too harsh on ourselves.

Do you know why you clicked on this post? To learn how you can attract much more love for yourself by yourself. So, no longer giving in to your inner-criticism and no more listening to that voice saying you’re not worthy. Thus, no more settling for less than you deserve. Self-love empowers you. It makes you embrace your strength and to make healthy choices that will lead you to the greatest good.

So, from now all the guilt-trip, sham-game and blames must go. Make sure once you quit this post, you quit self-pity along with it. How? Let’s dive ahead and learn-

Accept and Forgive

If you have embarked on a journey of self-love, you must be aware of your why. Your “why” builds a connection between you and the voyage. In the entire world, nothing happens without a reason. Therefore, your journey should have a reason too. So, identify why you need to LEARN self-love. What such a situation occurred that tells you don’t love yourself? Afterward, the jaunt will become much more blissful.

In addition, nothing will move forward without forgiveness. With the weight of the past, you can’t expect yourself to be going any forward. Accept your humanness, address your mistakes and the mistakes others have done towards you. Forgive yourself and forgive them. Anger, animosity don’t take people to good decisions and happy endings.

When you make a mistake, don’t keep beating your self-esteem for it. Rather, accept, forgive, learn and move ahead. Hard but truth, often, life-lessons, growth-experience don’t come the simple way.

There are no failures, only good lessons or bad lessons.

Selfless Yet Selfish

Selfless Yet Selfish

The heading might sound a little abrupt. Don’t worry I am not telling you to be selfish in a bad way.

Since the time we wake up till the time we sleep, we have numerous physical and emotional needs. Tell yourself that you need to fulfill that needs yourself. Be that kind of selfish. As a matter of fact, life is brutal & honest and so is the reality of people these days. Thus, if you have a kind heart and you are selfless, you are a strong person.

Remove the mindset of the victim, and take control of your life. You no longer require pointing your finger at others or challenge the circumstances. It’s time to take control and own up.

The steering of your life should only be in your hands.

Take back the energy that you’ve been giving or spending on others. It all deserves staying in your heart, to heal, and to feel. Further, when you take a step, ask yourself at least once, do you really need to feel this way? A few questions to yourself before a few situations can save you from emotional suffering. However, when it comes to spreading love, don’t count, be lavish.

Build Healthy Boundaries

Boundary? Yes, boundaries are often too important. Not to avert your chatty or outgoing nature but to stop any gloom and doom to run across you. And by boundary, I don’t mean concrete, I mean in practical terms, protect your emotional needs and honor them.

Boundaries can be incredible for your emotional growth. When you block pessimism, you prepare yourself for the greatest love to fall in your arms. We all dream of a perfect love life. Duh! to be frank, there are no perfect relationships. There are only two people who deal with their issues differently and jump to the conclusion differently. With a healthy boundary, you secure yourself from ending up with the wrong people.

As a tip, always trust your intuition. Pay attention to how you are talking to yourself and what your inner dialogues tell you. It is never wrong. It guides you to the things you deserve.

Surround Yourself with Good

Surround yourself with people where you don’t have to escape from reality.

The type of people you spend your free time play a great role in forming your inner feelings. The company of uplifting, motivating and thoughtful people would always guide you in a positive, ever-increasing direction. Positive and meaningful talks are great for inspiring the soul. Also, it cultivates self-love.

And last but definitely not the least, commit to daily acts of self-love. For instance, allow a specific time every day for your health care, skincare, and appearance. Loving yourself the way you are is awesome. But after all, a good look always boosts the confidence.

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