How to Survive Coronavirus?


“We all are in an unknown territory, with no leader”. A new strain of virus named CORONAVIRUS HAS CAUSED RESPIRATORY DISEASES IN CHINA, killing thousands of people. The virus has spread to 24 other countries. Now, it is being declared a public health emergency of international concern by the World Health Organization.

In China, health officials have been under exceptional strain. As a result, every hospital is overwhelmed, and huge new shelters are being erected to warehouse patients.

Astrological Analysis on Cause Of Coronavirus

Regardless of the hazardous impact, there is still hope, as our age-old astrology has an answer for everything.

RAHU is the cause of all underground, obscure and non-preventive illnesses and viruses in our body. Diseases like Cancer and Coronavirus are one of them. It is a planet of deception, where the doctors or highly knowledgeable professionals are unable to diagnose the root cause properly. Rahu also reduces the good bacteria. In addition, a weak Saturn in Horoscope makes it more prone to catch diseases in our body.

To address and prevent the harmful impact of Rahu, we need our strongest planets to become dominant and overshadow its effects. In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter, the planet of wisdom strengthens our liver and immune system. Whereas, Moon strengthens our lungs and Mars makes our bones strong and combat the bad bacteria inside our systems.

Therefore, in a Horoscope, a strong position of Jupiter, Moon, and Mars is crucial in order to prevent Coronavirus.


  • In order to intensify Jupiter’s effects, you need to include yellow foods in your diet. For instance, reinforce boiled vegetables and limit heating of oil which turns into trans fat.
  • Further, to multiply Mar’s effects- red foods and to heighten Moon’s effects– whites foods need to be taken.
  • In addition to this, blue-colored foods empower Saturn which eradicates all problems from the root cause. Therefore, a combination diet of all 4 colors when consumed every 2 hours can help subdue the pre-existent virus and also prevent it from occurring.
  • The hard truth is CORONAVIRUS IS HERE TO STAY, and it is going to rise for the next 3 months since Rahu and Saturn are together in D9. In this case, along with a plant-based diet, zinc supplements will provide great assistance as it represents Jupiter and Mars that strengthen the immune system and help the vibrations travel in the body.
  • Saturn represents ancient science which is Ayurveda, acupressure, Homeopathy, etc. Water in a copper vessel, no poultry foods, and increased liquid intake along with the following homeopathic med will definitely help fight coronavirus.
  • ARS ALB.30- one dose daily for 27 days (as the Moon takes 27 days to complete an orbit around the earth, so our entire body functioning depends on these 27 days).

Diet to Prevent Coronavirus

Diet to Prevent Coronavirus
  • 7:00 AM- Take water in the copper vessel, drink 2 glasses.
  • 9:00 AM- Take blueberry milkshake with almonds. It supports both the planetary position (Saturn) and your Fiber, Protein, Vitamin E, Manganese, and Magnesium intake.
  • 11:00 AM- Take vegetable soup of carrot, beetroot and sprinkle lime over it + Bajra roti with tori veg.
  • 13:00- tea with makhanas + Murmurachaat.
  • 15:00- stuffed parantha of moong dal without Tadka (frying).
  • 17:00- curd with pomegranate.
  • 19:00- 1 banana. It will strengthen the position of Jupiter in your Horoscope.
  • 21:00- Bajra roti with Ghiya or Tinda veg + 1 carrot.
  • Before going to bed drink methi dana water.

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