Coronavirus- India on High Alert| WHO Declares Global Health Emergency


More than 7,700 total cases of Coronavirus have already been registered globally and Hours later India reported its first positive case of coronavirus on Thursday, 30th January, the World Health Organization has announced the Coronavirus infection a Global Health Emergency.

In words of the Health Ministry official, the virus now spreads to 21 countries including India. In addition, officially known as the Public Health Emergency of International Concern notifies all member states of the United Nations that the top health advisory body in the world is considering the circumstances severe Global Health Alarm.

Significantly talking about Coronavirus in India, the first case of deadly coronavirus was reported in Kerala. Up to that time, India had 43,346 total passengers that arrived from China. However, among all of them, only one positive case has been detected. If we see, the case of Coronavirus spread as fast HIV, Ebola virus and Marburg virus. Further, how long will it take to develop a cure for Coronavirus?

How long will it take to develop an antidote for Coronavirus?

How long will it take to develop an antidote for Coronavirus

The work of preparing a vaccine has already begun. Scientists at multiple institutions including the National Institution of Health are working on the project. It is the third large outbreak of the virus in the past two decades. The virus has primarily caused many diseases earlier.

According to the reports, the virus outbreaks first in 2003 and since then it has several reports of people suffering from Respiratory System problems. As a matter of fact, numerous groups are already working day and night to find a cure for Coronavirus. However, there still is no guarantee to find out a vaccine to put an end to the outbreak. Previously, in the year 2002-03 meanwhile outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome the preparation of antidote took over a period of 20 months.

In the words of officials, vaccines are to prevent and cure the disease and are excellent when they work. However, some experts are looking to the future and trying to develop a universal coronavirus vaccine. Currently, the researchers lack the sample of the Virus in order to perform the test.

Astrology behind Diseases in Different parts of World

As a human, health is the most basic right every individual is born with. For health, we rely on our ecosystem. A good surrounding involves nutrition and food safety, freshwater, clean air, cultural values, as well as local livelihood and economic development contributions. However, we are the cause of all small and great impact on our Global Atmosphere. Well, we often fail to notice that in the different parts of Planet Earth takes place different kinds of medical conditions and illnesses. Why?

According to the expert Astrologers, on all the different parts of the earth, the other planets have significantly varying positions. Thus, they have substantially differing outcomes. Similar to the varying degree of Sun, amount of Humidity and Hormonal differentiation that cause a wide set of variations in the color complexion of humans from different regions of the earth. In the same manner, the planetary position governs over the kind of diseases that occur differently in the world.

For instance, Moon governs over the lungs, Mars governs over all kinds of injuries, stitches, & surgery, Mercury on the nervous system, Jupiter on obesity, liver issues & tumor, Venus on reproductive organs, Saturn governs over sorrow & old age. Whereas, Rahu and Ketu govern all the aspects of Saturn and Mars.

– Astrology behind Coronavirus

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Majorly, Coronavirus draws an impact on the respiratory system of a human. Not classified as a deadly disease earlier. However, lately, the death rate has surpassed 170 people under the effect of Coronavirus. Also, China on Thursday, 30th January had 38 latest deaths due to the deadly virus. It takes the death toll to 170 worldwide. Considerably, patients suffer from a deficiency in the Lungs (that are the major part of the Respiratory system) and Measles (fever and rashes).

In Astrology, the warm planet Sun governs over all the fevers and deprived digestion. Whereas the Moon rules over the Lungs. Thus, the Karakas or cause of the Coronavirus is the position of the Sun and Moon. The negative influence of these two planets is drawing the situation of Coronavirus.

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