5 Most Codependent Zodiac Signs

Here are the most codependent zodiac signs, who always look at others for their happiness

There are a few signs who don’t feel the need to get validation, and then there are those zodiac signs quite dependent on others for their happiness. However, the feeling of dependency on a smile is more common than you think. Here are the most codependent zodiac signs, who always look at others for their happiness, peace, and a notion of a good moment.

Everyone needs someone to talk to when they are happy or feeling a little down, but some people become more reliant on others to make them happy. Dependence on others for emotional support could be due to several reasons. Additionally, these zodiac signs constantly search for someone who can make them happy since they lack emotional security. There may be times they feel they require their partner’s approval for matters about their identity and self-worth. And they are codependent if getting that approval regularly makes them happy.

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1. Pisces

Pisces make amazing poets and visionaries. The two fish swimming in opposite directions symbolizes how they are constantly torn between wanting to make a difference in the world and retreating to the safe harbors of their inner worlds of vision. Pisces men and women are codependent zodiac signs because of their emotional sensitivity, graciousness, and attaching nature. On one hand, they are one of the most compassionate beings. However, on the other hand, they go to all lengths to please someone if they know they are sad.

Moreover, they are also prone to daydreaming and can be easily convinced to go above and below to help others. Pisces people tend to focus on relationships and will go to great lengths for those they care about. They can only be happy when they think the people close to them receive the right amount of warmth and appreciation they should receive. Hence, they quickly become reliant on others, which makes them more dependent zodiac sign.

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2. Cancer

Cancers are nurturing and devoted, and they also guard their loved ones. While being modest, they have a strong foundation and aren’t afraid to take action when they believe it is required. To keep themselves safe at all times, they frequently bury their true selves beneath their figurative hard shells. Cancers are known for being extremely sensitive, temperamental, and vindictive.

Cancer sign people are such codependent beings that they easily hurt. Still, these people do everything to fulfill their friend’s requests and help them push because it’s others’ happiness that matters to them the most. However, from time to time, they express their emotions to their closest friends and family. Thus, they are one of the most codependent zodiac signs who always look to others for security. They experience strong emotions and begin to show others their vulnerable side. These beings can not function on their own and are afraid of being lonely.

3. Scorpio

Next on this list are Scorpio men and women. These people are sensitive and need closeness. Their passion for secrecy is fascinating, and they have a domineering and demanding nature. A Scorpio doesn’t hold back when they have their mind made up on something. They are the first to offer when protecting friends and family and will put themselves in danger without thinking. It is particularly true when helping friends and family. Scorpios are overly dependent on the people they love. They never argue or use foul language with their loved ones since they don’t want to hurt them. 

They are incredibly ardent, devoted, and empathetic and have unrealistic expectations of their companions. This explains why it is one of the zodiac signs dependent on others for happiness. Scorpios are known for their deep and passionate emotions because they are water signs. They approach the limits of vulnerability by getting extremely close to everyone. When they can’t experience the same level of fulfillment from their loved ones, they break down.  

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4. Leo

On this list next are Leo men and women. Leo people are emotional on the inside, despite their appearance of being hard and tough. Their hearts will pound if they have a heated dispute with someone they love. Although they may appear robust in front of others, they are extremely sensitive individuals. Nearly everyone is aware that Leos strive for perfection. They always try to finish first and take first place in every race they compete in. But perhaps this is killing them from the inside. The persistent impulse to strive for excellence in everything one does or does might occasionally seem like an unattainable goal. They act this way to please their loved ones and leave a positive impression.

Leo always wants to be noticed. The spotlight determines how happy they are. They want somebody to appear and offer them constant consolation. For a Leo, receiving emotional support from others is crucial. Otherwise, they may browbeat you with gripes about how their life isn’t going as planned. Leo people have an outward appearance. Hence, they are ferocious and strong, yet codependent zodiac signs. Beneath their hard exterior lies a sensitive and emotional person who feels they are constantly seeking profound love. Once Leo meets a true companion, they work extremely hard together and become reliant on them to make everything work.

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5. Gemini

They speak too much, and they communicate a lot, but Gemini men and women are still one of those zodiac signs who are dependent on others for their happiness. Even if you think Gemini people act sane, they look for someone every now and then to calm themselves down and have a word with to let out what is bothering them inside out. Moreover, according to astrology, they love to vocalise every tiny detail to people who matter to them. These natives take a sigh of relief when they know someone is around them, looking after them, and listening to their whining day and night. A simple nudge of okay from their close ones makes things okay in their lives.

Gemini people become gullible sometimes even if they are full of intellect and calmness. They do get into a hyper state when either things don’t go as per their plan or someone abandons them for any reason. These people freak out from time to time at the thought of people leaving their side. Even though they keep them all at an arm’s length, they still require warmth and love as much as anybody else, which makes them dependent and needy beings on the list.

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