5 most empathetic zodiac signs- Are You One of Them?

5 most empathetic zodiac signs- Are You One of Them?

To start with, let me clear off the meaning of empathy. Empathy is the capability of understanding others’ emotions and feelings and hammer into themselves. So do you wanna know if you are a true empath? Here is the list of 5 most empathetic zodiac signs. Keep reading on…

Being an empathic person is not something to be proud of or to think of yourself as a superior person. Moreover, everyone is born with this trait. It is a part of every human. But, somehow, over the years we people have spotlighted onto this empathic nature of a person as a great gift or claimed the empathetic person as a god. No, it is not true. Being an empath doesn’t make you a special being or something.

To clarify, every person is empathic. Some are more and some are less. Some are fake empaths and some are real. Real empaths genuinely feel the emotions of others, which can be cheerful or awful and instill them. They take it all in, all the pleasure and the pain of the world. While the fake ones will do the same but while doing so they will post pictures or videos on Instagram showing the world that they feel people, their bliss, and even their pain. Afterward, they also want people to acknowledge and applause for their fake sensitivity. That’s is the difference between fake and real empaths.


Pisces is the most empathetic zodiac sign among all. You truly feel the pain and joy of others even before you are told about it. You take all the burden on your shoulder so that the other person can calm a bit. This empathetic nature of yours really makes people create a true bond with you. Also, you don’t show empathy because you want to, obviously who wants to take over others’ burden on to themselves, but you do it because you are compelled about wanting to help others. Moreover, you don’t like to let other people know that you are burdened by all this as you don’t like others to empathize with you.


This must be shocking like how a person whose zodiac sign is represented by a bull can be an empath. But actually, this all about Taurus is a myth. Taurus is really sensitive towards feelings and emotions. You yourself know it but don’t like to boast about it. Your desire to help people and be there for them in joy and distress really does come through, even after trying hard to shade it. You are the true empath and that is why others find a good and loyal friend in you.


Though people born under this zodiac sign may come off as cold to the world, deep inside you are way too sensitive of a person. You are believed to be practical, perfectionist, and non-accepting, but you show all this cold nature of yours to guard yourself. You indulge yourself too much in things and people that in the end, the only thing you receive in return is pain. You feel everything deeply. Moreover, you have a great sense of intuition. This makes it easier for you to notice the pain or joy a person is going through, while others miss it.


Scorpions may seem harsh and violent to the world but behind this cold and self-centered scorpion, is the most sensitive and empathetic person. You are always ready to help your friends’ family when in need. Also, you like helping people and making them happy especially when they are around you. But sometimes, you are off-base because of your own emotions.


People with this sign are like the mother. Aquarians treat people around them as their own children. You are extremely concerned and protective of the people around you. For you, it is hard to see people in pain for long. You help them to get over it in once. Moreover, you will help and do whatever it takes to make the person get off from the pain, even if it takes years. But for sometimes people around you think of you as an unfriendly person because you get angry when your empathy goes unappreciated. Therefore, people won’t ask you for help even if needed.

So, this was all for you to know if you come under the list of 5 most empathetic zodiac signs or not.

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