5 Ways Camphor Boosts Your Well-being According to Vastu Shastra

5 Ways Camphor Boosts Your Well-being According to Vastu Shastra

Did you know that something as simple as camphor can bring major positive vibes into your life? Yep, that’s right! In the world of Hindu ceremonies and rituals, camphor takes the spotlight for its incredible transformative powers. 

Camphor holds a special place in Hinduism and spirituality. It is closely associated with gods and goddesses, and when used according to Vastu shastra, Camphor can help you bring the desired changes in your life.

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Ways To Use Camphor According To vastu Shastra 

Attracts Riches

If you have been struggling financially for years and do not see an improvement in your wealth status, it is recommended to utilise camphor for better results. According to Vastu shastra, you should burn camphor and cloves in a silver bowl every night and observe the gradual changes in your life. Another way to use camphor for prosperity is to burn camphor in a rose flower and offer it to goddess Durga for 43 days straight. 

And you are likely to experience a positive change financially. Note that the change wouldn’t be quick; it unfolds gradually.

Eliminates Negative Vibes 

If your home feels like a battleground or there’s a constant cloud of negativity, camphor’s got your back.

Do you feel negative vibes the moment you step into the room? If yes, then the chances are that there are negative energies in your home. You can eliminate them by burning camphor in the morning and in the evening. Also, ensure that the camphor reaches every corner of your house and eliminates negativity from everywhere.

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Removes Vaastu dosha

From birth chart defects to Vaastu dosha, camphor emerges as a powerful problem-solver. 

For Birth chart defects – Mix camphor oil with jasmine oil and put it in bathing water 

For Vastu Dosha – Burn camphor in wrongly structured rooms 

Using camphor in such ways can gradually change your life and make it more positive.

Strengthen Relationships 

Constant bickering with your partner? Being in constant conflict with your partner can make your life stressful and affect your house’s prosperity and peace.

So to ward off such kind of conflicting energies, burn camphor in your bedroom and strengthen your love. 

Reduces excessive expenses

Sometimes, ill health or wrongly positioned planets can cause depletion of wealth. You can burn camphor with a clove in a silver bowl every evening in the kitchen to rectify these defects. Camphor is also known for its healing properties. Therefore, it can act as a natural remedy to treat ill health.

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Final Note 

Camphor enlightens individual spiritually and helps one connect with supreme power, i.e., the gods. When you burn camphor, you must use only pure camphor. Adulterated camphor is quite harmful to your health, and it lacks the healing benefits of burning camphor in the house. You can order 100% pure camphor at the best price from House of Mangalam. Astrotalk users can get an exclusive 25% off by using the code ASTROTALK25 at check-out. 

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