6 Habits That Lead To Wastage Of Money As Per Vastu


Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural science, emphasizes the profound connection between the energies of a living space and the well-being of its inhabitants. According to Vastu, certain habits and practices can impact financial prosperity and may lead to wastage of money. In this article, we will explore six common habits that, as per Vastu principles, can contribute to financial setbacks and offer practical tips for aligning our habits with Vastu wisdom to attract abundance and prosperity.

Clutter and Disorganization:

Clutter and disorganization in your living or workspace can obstruct the flow of positive energy (prana) and create an imbalance in the environment. Vastu advises maintaining a clean and clutter-free space to encourage the smooth flow of wealth energies.

Vastu Tip: Regularly declutter your surroundings, and ensure items are organized and placed purposefully to allow a free flow of energy and abundance.

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Broken or Leaking Fixtures:

Leaking taps, broken windows, and damaged doors can symbolize financial leakage, according to Vastu. These defects signify a drain on financial resources and hinder the accumulation of wealth.

Vastu Tip: Fix any leaking or broken fixtures promptly. Repairing these issues will help conserve resources and attract positive financial energy.

South-West Direction Neglect:

In Vastu, the south-west direction is considered the zone of stability and financial strength. Neglecting this area or having clutter here can create financial instability and contribute to money wastage.

Vastu Tip: Keep the south-west direction clean, clutter-free, and well-maintained. Placing heavy furniture or valuables in this area can further enhance financial stability.

Kitchen Misalignment:

A kitchen that does not follow Vastu principles can lead to financial strain. Incorrect placement of the kitchen or using the south-east direction for storing financial documents can result in financial wastage.

Vastu Tip: Ensure that the kitchen follows Vastu guidelines, such as positioning the gas stove in the south-east direction and keeping financial documents away from cooking areas.

Unnecessary Impulse Purchases:

Frequent impulse purchases and overspending can disrupt financial harmony and lead to money wastage. Impulsive buying decisions can create financial burdens and restrict long-term financial goals.

Vastu Tip: Exercise restraint in spending and practice mindful purchasing. Plan your expenses and prioritize essential items to avoid financial strain.

Neglecting Prosperity Corners:

Vastu identifies specific prosperity corners within a home or office, such as the north-east direction. Neglecting these corners can hinder the attraction of financial abundance.

Vastu Tip: Activate prosperity corners with positive symbols like plants, crystals, or symbols of abundance. Regularly energize these areas with positive intentions to enhance financial well-being.


Vastu Shastra offers valuable insights into the energies that surround us and how they impact our financial prosperity. By aligning our habits with Vastu wisdom, we can create a harmonious environment that attracts abundance and prevents wastage of money. Adopting clutter-free practices, addressing broken fixtures, and aligning with favorable directions can contribute to financial stability. Practicing mindful spending, maintaining a Vastu-compliant kitchen, and energizing prosperity corners can further enhance the flow of positive financial energies. Embracing these Vastu tips can lead us on a path of financial abundance and well-being.

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