8 Signs of Buri Nazar: How to Tell if You’re Affected

8 Signs of Buri Nazar

Have you ever felt like something unseen is affecting your life negatively? In astrology, the concept of ‘Buri Nazar’ or evil eye is quite prevalent, believed to bring about misfortune and obstacles. Understanding the signs of Buri Nazar can help you identify if you’re affected and take necessary precautions.

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Signs of Buri Nazar

  1. Unexplained setbacks and failures in endeavors despite hard work and dedication.
  2. Sudden and frequent health issues, especially those without any medical explanation.
  3. Constant financial problems, even when income sources are stable.
  4. Relationship troubles, misunderstandings, and conflicts with family or colleagues.
  5. Feeling of heaviness or negativity in certain places or situations.
  6. Regular accidents or near-misses that seem unexplainable.
  7. Lack of progress or success despite having the potential and skills.
  8. Feeling drained of energy and enthusiasm, with a sense of being stuck in life.

Remedies for Buri Nazar:

Use of Nazar Battu: Hanging a “Nazar Battu” (a traditional evil eye symbol) at the entrance of your home or workplace is believed to ward off negative energies.

Lemon and Green Chilies: Placing a lemon and green chilies tied together at the entrance is also thought to absorb negative vibrations.

Salt Cleansing: Sprinkling rock salt mixed with mustard seeds around your home and then sweeping it away is believed to remove negative energies.

Wearing Protective Charms: Wearing a black thread with a small black stone or a piece of iron as a pendant is believed to protect against Buri Nazar.

Connect With Astrologer

While these remedies are popular, consulting an experienced astrologer is often the best way to deal with the effects of Buri Nazar. Connect with astrologers on Astrotalk, and get the right guidance and personalized remedies based on your birth chart’s planetary positions and alignment.

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