A link between your brain and smartphone?

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Yes! with new and high tech innovations its has now become possible to link your brain and smartphone.

A human brain is known for the gigantic amount of power it can hold. Recently, Elon Musk, chief executive of SpaceX and Tesla, announced that there is a possible link between your brain and your smartphones.

On Tuesday 16th July 2019, the company came up with a new project of developing microchips with the help of Artificial Intelligence. This will enable to establish a connection between your brain and smartphone.

Human mind is also known as a supercomputer, it holds various superpowers one could even think of. From discovery technological wonders to developing high tech innovations,a human mind does it all. Imagination is a beautiful thing. With tremendous imaginative powers, it can also imagine things which are yet to take place.

They have the ability to picture tourist destinations or even hear subtle noises. Human mind can also give accurate astrological predictions. Even from making weather, career, life, health predictions, a human mind does it all.

We all know how we all go through mental or physical stress, yet our brain gives us the “never-give-up”attitude. Our brain has tremendous healing powers. A strong level of perseverance, outlines specific boundaries in our brain which dodge out our muddled thoughts.

All those difficult times, we all could relate ourselves to certain times, when we dint have the fighting ability. Yet our brain kept keeping us away from those odd thoughts.

Technology to detect the brain activity-

Artificial Intelligence now has the ability to do a brain diagnosis entirely. Recent scientific discussions pointed towards how machine learning will work in the field of medical and healthcare. Latest artificial intelligence tools have been able to detect human brain activity. Without a doubt, one can easy that artificial intelligence is slowly and gradually making its impact in the healthcare industry.

Technology to detect the brain activity

With having few possibilities, a few months ago, scientists were still not able to generate a link between a human brain and technology. For them implying artificial intelligence tool was a vision. Last year, World Medical Innovation Forum discovered infinite possibilities of bringing artificial intelligence into healthcare.

Operating your smartphones-

The newly announced project will include a special purpose-built chip, which will be effective in reducing the power consumption of your smartphones. The chip will function with having the memory in one part of your brain, whilst the general processor in another part of your brain.

Experimenting with this new special purpose-built chip on the human brain will take place next year. This instrument will also help in treating brain injuries. For the procedure, the team will be recruiting staff specializing in developing robots, neuroscience and software engineering.

Recently Elon Musk unveiled the special purpose chip’s early version. The chip will be implanted in a human brain with the help of a robot.

The chip will work by detecting the electronic signals from neurons. The ultimate chip will also act as a pod worn located behind the ear and will act as a hearing aid. It will function using Bluetooth for feeding data in the smartphone which will run the needed software.

The device will have 10 times more a data acquisition limit which is much more than the current medical devices have. Operations on your smart devices will be completely dependent on the signals you send from your brain, thus establishing a link between your brain and your smartphone.

Pros in the Healthcare Industry-

With having multiple benefits, this chip will also enable the medical experts to detect the Alzheimer’s impact on brain levels. Furthermore, it will also enable them to treat brain injuries, which are sometimes become difficult to treat manually. The link between your brain and smartphone will be a prominent one. The special purpose built to detect more brain-related diseases.

Elon Musk, also added that with the help of the chips, medical experts will be able to solve brain ailments of all categories. Having the vision of making the brain enhancing implants equally popular like laser eye surgery.

The chief executive of SpaceX and Tesla is all set to experiment this new-age technology on the human brain. The process will be a time consuming one.

The special purpose-built chip will also enable experts in the healthcare industry to treat certain spinal disorders. It will also turn out fruitful for paralyzed patients to easily access and operate their smartphones.

Breakthrough In The Medical Field-

Earlier the companies tested its technology on monkeys and rats, to determine whether they are able to effectively control the computers or not. To bring this new-age technology into effect, they have already submitted a proposal to the Food and Drug Administration. The chip will also effectively able to take control of your household appliances.

Merging Artificial Intelligence with the human brain would be a breakthrough in scientific innovations. It will pay more way for machine learning to discover more opportunities in the medical field. This explicitly built technology will also pay the way for complex convolution neural networks which will be helpful in image and video classifications in IoT in future.

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