Apple To Launch Its Augmented Reality Headsets by 2020?

Apple To Launch Its Augmented Reality Headsets by 2020?

In the latest reports published, Apple will launch its Augmented Reality Headsets by 2020.  Augmented Reality is experiencing the virtual environment without making any physical contact with that world. By giving a view of the real world, it also enhances one’s perception of reality.

We all know how technology has revolutionized the world and how it has effectively influenced the lives of others. Augmented Reality devices witnessed a groundbreaking records in its sales in 2018.

Back in the 1990s when virtual reality hit the screens with the video gaming companies. With multiple companies stepping into augmented reality like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. Apple is now also launching its magnificent headsets by 2020.  

Augmented Reality is an influential tool and has effectively added value to who use it on a daily basis. With the help of computerized images, it also enhances one’s understanding by highlighting certain features and also provide timely data.

Providing users with the added experience it also adds value to their daily lives by providing assistance of daily activities to them. To understand the Augmented reality more, let’s get into details.

virtual reality

Types Of Augmented Reality-

1. Location Based-

Also known as the Markerless Augmented Reality, one of the most useful augmented reality methods, this one provides GPS,velocity meter, digital compass, embedded into the user’s device. Embedded in the user’s device, it provides them with information on the location. Users find it very much useful for mapping directions and other location-centric mobile applications.

2. Superimposition Based-

Superimposition augmented reality method. It provides users with replacing overall view of the particular object by augmented view. It also enables users to view the augmented view of the replaced object.

3. Outlining Based-

A human eye is magnificent and it can view distance objects without any hassle. But there are certain foundations to what a human eye can see like viewing the infrared light. Potential cameras have been built for this purpose. When the lines are blurred, outline augmented reality comes to rescue.. It effectively helps users by defining the boundaries of the road and outlines them.

4. Recognition Based-

This augmented reality method provides more information to the users about the object. Recognition reality method provide more information about the particular object. Most common example of it would be the scanning of the QR code. It is done by the recognition augmented reality-based method.

5. Projection Based-

Projection augmented reality-based method is widely used by the industry leading manufacturers. This method comprises of advanced projection-based technology. It also streamlines the complex issues like company’straining operations, manufacturing and sequencing.

Apple Stepping Into the Augmented Reality Method-

According to the latest media reports published, Apple will soon release its special AR glasses by the second half of 2020. These glasses will be powered by an independent operating system.

In comparison to the HoloLens released by Microsoft, which was a mixed technology for businesses. Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst of the TF International Securities also revealed information about the same. He stated that buyers will get their hands on these reality glasses by the earliest of 2020. These glasses will be available as iPhone accessories in the market.

For the past few years, Apple has been working on augmented reality glasses. The company has been explicitly buying AR startups, filing numerous AR patents and hiring AR hardware-specific personnel.

The company has successfully stepping into the shoes of the electronics industry with gadgets like iPhone, Apple watch,iPad, HomePod and AppleTV. Reports also suggested that the new gadget will not entirely have a specific AR platform.

It will be very much similar to that of apple watch. The device will also include built-in processor, display and its own OS.


Apple has also hired 100 employees working in the secret research unit. Augmented Reality headsets also known as the smart glasses will be completed by 2019. For better inputs and proper execution of strategies, the company will be considering the following aspects-

  • Voice Activation
  • Touch Panels
  • Several applications regarding mapping and texting
  • Head Gestures
  • Virtual Meeting Rooms
  • 360-degree video playback

Special builtin features of the Augmented reality glasses will include an 8k display for each eye. The display will be freed from any computer or smartphone interference. The headset will be using a 60GHz WiGig, which is a high-speed short-range wireless technology. The glasses will connect to a “dedicated box”. The dedicated box will use a 5 nanometer Apple processor.

Apple’s customs have always empowered the company to release its headset sat a much higher price than the rest of the market value.

We can also predict that the upcoming augmented reality headsets will be at a higher price. A higher price will complement its advanced technological features.

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