Adolescent Counselling by Expert Astrologer- Benefits

Adolescent Counselling by Expert Astrologer- Benefits

Everyone is worried about their career, future, personal and financial life. There are some problems that can evident from the situation and hence it easily solvable. But when it comes to issues in Adolescent, there are many hidden obstructions where you need experts to deal with it. Adolescence is a very crucial period for every person. It is a phase of the life where a person is transformed totally into a new personality. A person experiences many changes in life during this period. These changes include mental and physical changes. The problem is that these changes become extremely sensitive. It will largely affect an individual. Having adolescent counselling can help a person to overcome hurdles easily.

Astrology governs each part of our life. And it affects during adolescence as well. Knowing about our planets and energies can make us be aware of many remedies and changes coming in our way. Having an expert to guide us through this will make us learn more about planets and planetary influences on a person in his adolescence. Hence, it makes a person proactive in dealing with the challenges.

Why do you need Adolescent Counselling ?

An expert Astrologer will analyse your planetary positions. He will examine the present position and possible future movements. This will bring out hurdles in the way of the adolescent period. Children tend to hurt themselves most during this phase of their life. And having proper astrological guidance can make them deal with changes peacefully. It will help children to self-discover themselves. This requires the guidance and knowledge of an expert.

Benefits of Adolescent Counselling

The period of an adolescent is full of danger, thrills, emotional breakage and happiness. And with proper guidance, it gets easy for both a child and parents to deal with upcoming challenges.

There are two major influences with many other changes in Adolescent. We all know the influences of Jupiter and Saturn in our lives.

Jupiter: Ages 11 to 13

This period is known as Jupiter return. During these two years, one tries to find out one’s position and worth in family and society. Jupiter works as our teacher and our guidance. Earlier, children would know what to expect from family when they enter this age. But now the time has changed. People are not much aware of their astrological status and this is why you need expert advice. He will make you increase your strengths and work on your weakness, right from your teenage. Children will start noticing what they actually can do with their life to be fruitful if they are placed under proper guidance.

Saturn: Ages 14 to16

This planet influences the area discipline, authority, responsibility, and maturity. These are pillars on which our life is formed for success. Because of the energies of Saturn one can ace or fail in these qualities. Through astrological advice, a person will come across hurdles that come in the way during this period. Also, if there is ill-positioning of the planet, an astrologer will guide you through it. It is the duty of parents to make the child realise its worth and capabilities. Hence, no doubt astrology can help them a lot in dealing with these crucial two years of their child’s life.

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Other Advantages of Adolescent Counselling

Apart from these benefits, there are many other advantages as well.

  • Firstly, a child will feel much more confidence in himself. He will be proud of his strengths.
  • Secondly, parents will be able to deal with their children peacefully.
  • Thirdly, astrological guidance will imporve the relationship between parents and children.
  • Fourthy, any harmful impact of the planets can be pacified using remedies


Teenage is a very crucial stage for all of us. Having guidance can actually help in dealing with this period with much more attention. Astrology can help you in a much more organised scientific manner. This period can lead you to have a healthy successful career. Therefore, an expert astrologer can help you tackle influences on your child’s life.

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