Rahu Transit In Aries On 12th April: What Is There For Each Zodiac Sign?


The first big transit of the year is going to be a tumultuous one! Why? Because of Rahu transit in Aries 2022. Rahu is a malefic planet in Vedic astrology, and it spends one and a half years in each zodiac sign. Rahu will enter Aries on April 12, 2022, making your life an exciting journey!

It might cause a lot of uncertainty and perhaps instability in your life. So, are you prepared for the repercussions? It has the potential to have a significant influence on your money, business, health, and other critical aspects of your life.

So, let’s see how Rahu transit in Aries 2022 will affect each zodiac sign.

The forecasts listed below are based on the Moon sign.

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Rahu will transit through Aries, and the sign appears to be ordinary for Aries. If you’re single, be cautious about the words you choose to express yourself. It’s also crucial to look after your partner’s health. This is also a period when your stress levels are likely to rise.

It is recommended that you practice meditation and yoga. During this period, your finances are likely to be in good shape. However, use your money prudently. Working in partnerships may not be as profitable as you imagined, and your profession may throw a lot of work at you.

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Rahu Taurus’ 12th house will be affected by the transit in Aries. Expenses are likely to rise for you, and financial difficulties may arise. Make the necessary adjustments to your budget. Changes in employment and transfers are also on the horizon. A project from another country might be beneficial to you.

Students may enroll in an online course during this travel, and they will likely have favorable timings. Your love life and other relationships are likely to remain tranquil, and if there are any difficulties, mutual understanding is the best approach to resolve them!


Rahu transit through Aries will fall in Gemini’s 11th house. Unexpected riches may await you, as well as money that has been stranded for a long time. It may also be an advantageous time for job seekers. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re likely to get a lot of big orders.

You may need to take care of your back and leg in terms of health. Stomach problems are also a possibility. Tension and misunderstandings may arise in your relationships. If you’re single, this is a good time to meet someone special.

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Rahu transit in Aries 2022 will fall in Cancer’s 10th house. Singles are free to express their affections to their partners, and marriage is a possibility. This is a good moment for married couples. Financially, things appear to be going well. However, it is prudent to exercise caution while making a new investment.

Physically and psychologically, you may be restless. Exercise and yoga might help you prevent serious problems during these periods. New opportunities may present themselves in your profession. If you are a paid employee, you are more likely to get promoted. Those who choose to pursue higher education may have to put in a lot of effort.


Rahu transit in Aries 2022 will fall in Leo’s 9th house. Many possibilities for your career are likely to come your way. You could possibly get some tasks from another country. During this time, previous investments are likely to pay off, and you may become financially stronger.

If you’re single, the Rahu transit in Aries may bring you together with your sweetheart. Marriage appears to be a strong possibility as well! On the health front, you may experience some bone-related issues. Maintain your fitness and consume a nutritious diet.

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Rahu transit through Aries will fall in Virgo’s 8th house. It may cause problems in your romantic life. If you’re married, there’s a good probability you’ll have some disagreements. Businesspeople are likewise encouraged to tread carefully, especially if they are embarking on a new endeavor.

Students are more likely to get superior academic performance. It’s also a good idea for you to look after your health, especially when it comes to eating, as you’re prone to have stomach problems. You may have financial ups and downs, and the returns on certain long-term investments may be shaky!


Rahu transit in Aries 2022 will fall in Libra’s 7th house. There is a possibility of financial gain. Long-term investments are also likely to provide positive outcomes. If you are seeking new employment, you may be presented with fresh options.

Starting a business, on the other hand, might not be a wise idea right now. Minor aches and pains may bother you, and you may experience tension and restlessness. Love life is expected to be mediocre, and married couples, in particular, should proceed with caution during this transit.

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The Rahu transit in Aries 2022 will fall in Scorpio’s 6th house. Scorpio may have health issues as a result of this. To minimize injuries, it is important to drive cautiously. Financially, everything appears to be in order. It might be an excellent moment to take out a loan or make a long-term investment.

If you have a job, you may expect some modifications. People in business may not receive the support they desire from their staff, yet they will still be able to compete. Your relationships are likely to be free of tension, and you may even have some moments of peace!


Rahu transit through Aries will fall in Sagittarius’ 5th house. Financially, things appear to be going well. Under the impact of this transit, salaried persons are also likely to discover fantastic prospects.

Students may have to put in the extra effort. Your love life is likely to be full of ups and downs as well, but now is a good time to express yourself to your spouse. Because of the Rahu transit in Aries, Sagittarius residents may have some health concerns.

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Rahu transit through Aries will fall in Capricorn’s 4th house. Due to this transit, one’s health is prone to fluctuate. Regular checkups can be quite beneficial. Some financial troubles are also possible.

During this period, it’s best not to lend money to anyone. Mutual understanding and forgiveness of the other person’s errors can salvage your relationship. Businesspeople may encounter severe rivalry from their competitors, therefore they should avoid making hasty decisions.


The Rahu transit in Aries 2022 will fall in Aquarius’ third house. This travel is likely to be beneficial to your health. It has the potential to improve both your physical and emotional wellbeing. In terms of money, you’re likely to hunt for new sources of income and make long-term investments.

This might be an excellent moment for anyone wishing to move careers. Entrepreneurs are also expected to strike some lucrative agreements. You could meet someone significant during this period.


Rahu transit in Aries 2022 will fall in Pisces’ second house. Long-term investments are likely to pay off handsomely. It is, nevertheless, always prudent to proceed with care. Minor disagreements with your partner might be annoying, but there is nothing that can’t be resolved by mutual understanding.

It could also be a good time to pay attention to your food, and you might need to schedule frequent health check-ups. When working on large projects, it is critical for business professionals to thoroughly review all documentation. You may achieve success at work by putting in a lot of effort.

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