List Of All The Shubh Muhurats In August 2021

shubh muhurats in august 2021

So, we are at it again. A new month, and besides new goals to set and new things to look forward to, we also have new shubh muhurats to help us progress through any of the goals with the grace of God. In Hinduism, the belief of starting something as per the Shubh muhurat has its own significance and benefits. A shubh muhurat is determined based on Tithi, Nakshatra, Moon and position of planets. And if you do things like buying a car, getting married, buying a house, etc. as per the Shubh muhurat, it is to bring much progress to any such aspects.

With that being said, if you too seek to start something pious or special in the month of August, then we believe this list of all the Shubh muhurats in August 2021 will come in really handy for you.

Shubh Muhurats for marriage in August 2021

Marriage is one of the 16 sacraments in Hinduism. And literally, one of the most special days of our life. So we are sure one would not want to mess up all the fun that we could have on the day. And to assure you of that are the Shubh muhurats for marriage. Tying the knot during a shubh muhurat has been the go-to practice in Hinduism. Marrying as per the muhurat brings the assurity of right dashas foreseeing the auspiciousness of the endearing act. Bud sadly, you will have to wait to reap the benefits of these good dashas as:

There are no shubh muhurat for marriage in August 2021.

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Shubh muhurats for griha pravesh in August 2021

Got yourself a new home? Well, you must be excited to host a party in the same. But sadly, that too might have to wait because again:

There are no shubh muhurat for griha Pravesh in August 2021

Shubh muhurats for buying a vehicle in August 2021

Finally we have something we can actually do in August, and that would be buying a vehicle. Any vehicle, be it for personal and commercial purposes, if bought during the shubh muhurat allows natural benefits to both the vehicle and the ones driving it. So with that being said, if you are excited about buying a vehicle in the month of August, then you must do it on these days:

  • 4 August 2021, Wednesday: Muhurat: 06:09 AM to 03:17 PM; Nakshatra: Mrigashirsha; Tithi: Ekadashi
  • 6 August 2021, Friday: Muhurat: 06:38 AM to 06:28 PM; Nakshatra: Punarvasu; Tithi: Trayodashi
  • 12 August 2021, Thursday: Muhurat: 03:24 PM to 06:10 AM, Aug 13; Nakshatra: Hasta; Tithi: Panchami
  • 13 August 2021, Friday: Muhurat: 06:10 AM to 06:10 AM, Aug 14; Nakshatra: Hasta, Chitra; Tithi: Panchami, Shashthi
  • 22 August 2021, Sunday: Muhurat: 06:10 AM to 06:10 AM, Aug 23; Nakshatra: Dhanishtha, Shatabhisha; Tithi: Purnima, Pratipada
  • 23 August 2021, Monday: Muhurat: 06:10 AM to 04:30 PM; Nakshatra: Shatabhisha; Tithi: Pratipada
  • 26 August 2021, Thursday: Muhurat: 05:13 PM to 10:29 PM; Nakshatra: Revati; Tithi: Panchami
  • 30 August 2021, Monday: Muhurat: 06:39 AM to 01:59 AM, Aug 31; Nakshatra: Rohini; Tithi: Ashtami

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Shubh muhurats for buying property in August 2021

There are as many as three shubh muhurats that your pious self can choose from to buy property in August. The result of buying property during shubh muhurat is the hope that it will bring good luck into our lives.

  • 6 August 2021, Friday: Muhurat: 06:38 AM to 06:09 AM, Aug 07; Nakshatra: Punarvasu; Tithi: Trayodashi, Chaturdashi
  • 19 August 2021, Thursday: Muhurat: 06:10 AM to 10:42 PM; Nakshatra: Purva Ashadha; Tithi: Dwadashi
  • 26 August 2021, Thursday: Muhurat: 06:09 AM to 10:29 PM; Nakshatra: Revati; Tithi: Chaturthi, Panchami

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Shubh muhurats for namkaran in August 2021

While the child in the house may not be knowing a thing about his/her namkaran. But the whole ceremony is very dear to the parents. The purpose of the naam karan ceremony is to decide the name of the child while abiding by a relevant naskastra, dasha and letter. Here are the shubh namkaran muhurat for August 2021.

  • 04 August, 2021, Wednesday: Muhurat: 05:43:27 to 28:25:29
  • 11 August, 2021, Wednesday: Muhurat: 09:32:27 to 16:56:07
  • 12 August, 2021, Thursday: Muhurat: 15:27:01 to 29:47:56
  • 13 August, 2021, Friday: Muhurat: 05:48:28 to 29:48:28
  • 19 August, 2021, Thursday: Muhurat: 22:42:27 to 29:51:42
  • 20 August, 2021, Friday: Muhurat: 05:52:15 to 20:52:08
  • 22 August, 2021, Sunday: Muhurat: 19:39:54 to 29:53:18
  • 23 August, 2021, Monday: Muhurat: 05:53:48 to 19:26:27
  • 25 August, 2021, Wednesday: Muhurat: 05:54:51 to 16:21:00
  • 26 August, 2021, Thursday: Muhurat: 17:16:26 to 29:55:22
  • 27 August, 2021, Friday: Muhurat: 05:55:52 to 24:47:57
  • 30 August, 2021, Monday: Muhurat: 06:39:32 to 26:02:32

While these are major shubh muhurats that you can abide by, but exceptions always prevail. So if you are in a hurry to complete a certain task and can’t find a shubh muhurat for the same, then you can talk to our astrologers to confirm if an exception can be made.

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