Astrologer’s prediction makes village boy a millionaire


Story by Amit S, an Astrotalk user

Born in a small village in Odisha, my family condition was always mediocre. My family of five was dependent on agriculture for survival. But the income from the land was not always enough.

For the same reason, I used to try convincing my father to give up wheat cultivation and grow something that would increase our income. My father didn’t listen to me immediately, but a few years later, he allowed me to do my thing. That’s when I decided to shift from wheat to oil seed cultivation. 

Oilseed cultivation required a huge investment, so my father and I took a loan from a moneylender. But Odisha was hit by a major cyclone that year, and everything I had worked for went to waste. Being not able to pay the loan back, we had to give half of our land to the moneylender. My father didn’t say anything to me, but I knew he was hurt.

After that incident, my interaction with my father got very less. I left the village and came to Mumbai. In Mumbai, I took a job as a cook in a PG. The money was not that good, but the owner let me stay in the PG itself, so I didn’t have to pay rent in an expensive city like Mumbai. 

I didn’t like staying in Mumbai. I was simply running from the guilt that my father lost his land because of me. 

One fine day the owner of the PG brought an astrologer to the PG. He was having the Vastu of his PG checked. I personally had never believed in astrology and the owner knew it.

In fact, the owner of the PG introduced me to the astrologer by saying “Pandit ji ye ladka nahi manta hai astrology mai, isko bhi kuch chamtakar dikhai do aap apna.”

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The astrologer laughed and asked me to show him the kitchen of the PG. On the way, he asked me why I don’t believe in astrology but I had no answer. 

Maybe just to showoff, the astrologer looked at my hand and started telling me things about my past that I had never told anyone. I was so surprised that how he knew all this? I started crying and felt a strong urge to share everything with the astrologer about my ailing life. 

I told him how despite working hard, I never get what I want and how I failed my father.

The astrologer then said one thing to me that I still remember. He said “aap mehant toh bahut kar rahe ho, par mehnat sahi jagah nahi kar rahe, isliye aapki taraki nahi ho rahi” 

He said I will get success in my home state only and advised me to quit everything and go back to Odisha and start an import and export business there.

Frankly, I never liked being in Mumbai, and the astrologer’s words were the motivation I needed to leave the city. I came back to Odisha, and with a meagre amount of Rs 10,000 and my childhood friend, I started an export and import business here. Within three years of starting the business, I was able to scale it up to Rs 100 crore. 

Recently, I bought back the land I had lost to the moneylender and have started growing oilseeds on it. 

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