Astrological Significance of feeding birds and animals


Being a nature lover, I have a habit of getting up early in the morning. The chirping of birds, the mesmerizing view of the rising sun is beautiful enough to melt even a stone heart. For a few days, I fed millets and chapatti to the birds and I was quite happy you saw them eating it. But you won’t believe what happened later. One day I was unwell and therefore could not get up early. My little companions came out and start chirping so loud. It seemed as if they are calling me. I thought I was so blessed and made it a routine to feed them every morning. You know, once my grandfather fell very ill and it was the karmas of feeding these birds that recovered him soon. Yes, It happens.

Feeding birds and animals are beneficial for each planet. It affects planetary motions and brings positive changes in your life. In this article, you will read how are feeding birds and animals effects planetary motions?

Planet Sun

For appeasing Planet Sun, feeding birds and animals is quite beneficial. It is considered good to feed wheat chapattis to cows and Jaggery to monkeys on Sundays. It is considered auspicious and can bring luck.

Planet Moon

Feeding birds and animals also strengthen the planet, Moon. To gain the blessings of calm and composed Moon, one should feed flour balls to a white cow or a fish. In addition, one should also give water to cows on Mondays.


Feeding animals appease planet Mercury as well. For this, one should feed green grass or fodder to the cows. Also, one should feed millets to birds. Moreover, it is also important not to keep birds in a cage. The best outcomes could be noticed if all the above things are performed on Tuesdays.


To get the blessings of the planet Venus, one should offer milk to cats. In addition, feeding wild fishes is also beneficial. All these things should be performed on Fridays for better results.


On Tuesdays, one should feed gram and jaggery to monkeys. It will shower one with the blessings of the planet Moon.


Thursday is the day of the huge planet Jupiter. To get the blessings of this plane, soaked gram lentils and jaggery should be offered to cows and horses. Moreover, one should also feed corn to pigeons on Thursdays.


Black is the color of Lord Shani and Saturn is His planet. On Saturdays, one should feed oiled or buttered chapattis to black cows and black dogs. It is auspicious and Lord Shani can bless them immensely.


To get blessed by the planet Rahu, one should feed fodder or green grass to buffaloes. If possible, you can also offer leaves to an elephant.


For planet Ketu, Astrology advises keeping a pet dog, rabbit or a cow. However, it is also important to take proper care of them. Feeding sesame seeds to ants is also preferred.

Apart from this, to gain the blessings of all planets, one should always give a part of their food to cow. Feeding food to birds not only improves planetary conditions, but it also gets one rid of the past debts and obstacles related to finances. Astrology recommends keeping food and water for birds on a regular basis. Also, feeding dogs is recommended daily. It increases prosperity, reduces conflicts, and lessens the impact of the sins done in the past. It can also bring victory in the cases related to court.

Hindu mythology has many beliefs that feeding animals boosts Karma. Moreover, it is visible that animals play a crucial role in Mythology and are vehicles of many Gods and Goddesses as well. Not only birds, but feeding squirrels is also very auspicious. It leaves a positive impact on one’s life and strengthens one luck.

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