Australia Bushfire: A National Emergency| How Can You Help?

Australia Bushfire

Australia the 6th largest country is facing a major crisis. A bushfire that started in September 2019 has taken the whole nation under the storm. The fire is still continuing to consume the land and is threatening to continue further. The land known for its rich culture and vegetation is now barren land. There’s a growing concern on social media about this raging Australia bushfire. Hazardous smoke is causing various health ailments. The people are furious at the failing leadership quality of Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

New South Wales and Victoria are most affected by the cruelty of nature. The people are evacuating their homes and fleeing to safer spots. The sky turned red indicating a state of emergency in the nation. However, the rain brought some relief on Sunday. The rain was blessed on the coast of Melbourne and Sydney and even in parts of New South Wales. But, officials confirm that the temperature may rise giving fuel to the fire again.

What started the Australia Bushfire?

There’s no definite reason behind what led to the Australia bushfire. The land is a bush dominated and it’s prone to fire. Moreover, the year 2019 witnessed the hottest and driest summers of the decade. Thus implying the heat led to cause a fire in the bushes. Also, another plausible cause could be the discarding of unhushed cigarettes in the bushes. Some also believe that a lightning strike can cause the blaze. But according to weather forecasters, the lack of rain forced the inferno into galloping the country.

Australia Bushfire

Further what’s causing the blazing fire to advance is the drought and heat. A natural calamity like this has never been recorded in the history of Australia. Also, the unprecedented wind is fanning to the already deadly inferno. A heatwave like this has taken the land by toll and continues to rage in all its glory.

Who is affected by the Australia Bushfire?

The chief areas affected by the inferno are rural areas of New South Wales and Victoria. Around 20 people have died in the fire so far, and over 1500 homes destroyed with 28 citizens missing. The heavy toxic ash and dust have drifted to the ocean up to New Zealand’s Franz Josef glacier. Moreover, 12.5 million acres of land devastated by the wildfire.

Australia Bushfire

The hefty smoke is also visible from space. Thus indicating the brutality of nature. The fumes have reached New Zealand causing an alarming situation there as well. Moreover, Koala bears are on the verge of extinction and even Kangaroos are not visible anymore.

How can we help?

Well, we all can lend a helping hand to Australia, by volunteering. There is a various organization that allows people to help the ones in need. The NSW fire service has a donation page to keep the firefighters going. Similarly, the Country Service of South Australia accepts direct donations.

A more convenient option is by tweeting about the crisis on Twitter. This will make people aware of the emergency situation. One can also donate to the Salvation Army Australia that is providing meals to the people. Donate to the Wildlife Funds Australia that is trying to preserve koala bears.

Furthermore, celebrities are also doing their bit to overcome the crisis. Stranger Things actor Dacre Montgomery is raising a fun in the name fund me. Also, the Australian cricketer Shane Warne is auctioning his ‘baggy green cap’, donating the money for the bushfire.

There is no end to this bushfire reports say as Australia is just two months away from summer. The heat will escalate the fire further only heavy rain will alleviate the nation from the flaming fire.

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