Checking Authenticity Of Gemstones

Authenticity of gemstones

People wear different Gemstones for different reasons. While buying gems, sometimes we feel very distressed that the gemstone we are buying is genuine or not? Because fake gems do not show any remedial effect and they are expensive too.

Gemstones are sometimes identified under sunlight, and sometimes under artificial lighting conditions. Quality check of gemstones can also be performed in chemical laboratories. It takes a lot of effort in determining the gem’s authenticity. However, monitoring quality at a few parameters may help you in choosing the right Gem.

Bubbles In Gemstones

Fake Gemstones have small air bubbles in them. When gems are examined under the light, bubbles inside them are seen in general. Fake and Genuine gems can be varied based on this property.

A few ways to check the quality of gemstones are mentioned below. You can perform these checks at home and surely it will help you a lot in picking out the right gem for yourself.

  • Put the pearl in a water glass. If the beam is coming out of the pearl, then that pearl is genuine.
  • If the fake pearl is rubbed with fodder, it becomes sawdust. But, the real pearl has no effect on it.
  • Putting real pearl in thick Ghee, result in the melting of Ghee.
  • Putting coral in milk reflects red light.
  • When real coral is placed on paper or cotton piece in sunlight, it results in a fire.
  • Genuine coral when placed in blood, there is a possibility of freezing of blood.
Blue sapphire
Blue Sapphire
  • Blue Sapphire when placed in Sunlight, starts reflecting Blue Rays.
  • The presence of the doubling effect is a red signal while buying Blue Sapphire. While inspecting Neelam, if you one more layer of Gem inside then, it is Benitoite not Blue Sapphire.
  • Due to iron staining, when a gem is rotated it reflects yellow rays. This factor must be considered along with other measures to check out genuineness.
  • Diamond when placed in sunlight, it reflects a spectrum of seven light-like a rainbow.
  • Wearing Diamond results in increased attraction from the opposite sex.
  • The diamond reflects blue fluorescence under a black light; therefore, you’ll see a medium to the strong colour of blue, which means the diamond is genuine.
Yellow sapphire
  • Put a white cloth over yellow sapphire and place it in sunlight. In case, if it is genuine, the cloth will seem to be yellow.
  • In case, this gem is fake, dipping it into milk for 24 hrs results in colour fading.
  • Real Yellow Sapphire helps in the reduction of poison percentage in the body of a person bitten by poisonous animals like a snake.

According to astrology, Gemstones bestowed with great abilities to draw positive outcomes in our lives. Gemstone does have unpredictable powers!

Different gemstones have different benefits. As Sapphire holds the ability to gain lost wealth and helps in exponential growth. Coral improves the ability to perform daily tasks very boldly and with bravery.

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