Aware Of The Latest Android Pie Update?


With the latest technology, businesses are coming up with the latest android pie updates. The most recent one joining the list if the Android 9.0 Pie update. Mobile technologies have been effectively influencing our lives.

In the past decades, we witnessed a gigantic transformation in the mobile phone industry. Businesses are adding up noteworthy communicative interference and high-speed internet facility to their models to make the user interference relaxed. Latest technological added features have added value to the user’s computing experience.

High tech businesses have effectively invested in their R&D department to discover the latest mobile applications. Mobile applications have been increasingly becoming popular with the distinct number of facilities they provide to the customers base.

Gone are the days when we have to check our emails on our computer or visiting cybercafes or paying a visit to the railway’s stations or airports. Now we can book tickets online within a click or by just a tap. Astrological prediction suggests Google will have another update with a top-notch Android Security interference.

Earlier Google made announcements about the Latest Android Pie 9.0 Update releasing this year. Having explicit features, this new update brings users with a lot of cool app features. Before getting into details, let’s take a look at what exactly Android Pie Update is.

Android Pie Update

Android Pie Update-

Last year in the second half of 2018, Google launched its Android update with the aim of increasing user interference and effective functioning of your mobile phones. The update released enabled users to have a free upgrade to their mobile phones.

Android’s update turned out to be fruitful for many users, but the update failed to reach the older mobile phone models. The first handset models to get the update were, without doubt, were the Google Pixel Phones.

This year Google has come up with its another update adding even more cool innovations to their existing user interference. As per the expectations, this year too Google phones were the first ones to have the update.

Whereas, other smartphone companies are still waiting for the green light to update their models. Android 9.0 update has increased the user interference more by adding helpful shortcuts, refined design whilst also investing in Artificial Intelligence to enrich human interaction.

A notable fact about this year android update release has also sparkled up the OS systems. This year’s update also turned out to be friendly enough to support the OS devices.

Android Pie Update was launched with a set of must-have user interference features like adaptive brightness, enhanced app actions, certain navigation changes and the list goes on. The Android Pie Update features include-

Enhanced Battery life

Enhanced Battery Life-

This update will enable users to view the list of the set of apps, they can use later in the day. Google Partnership with Deep mind turned out to be fruitful. Together, they were able to bring out the details in the deep learning algorithms and refine them more.

Much Adaptive Brightness Level-

Google is setting benchmarks by enriching its user experience by making their updates more effective and efficient. Bringing AI into effect, the update will enable smartphones to learn the brightness level, its user would prefer in different environments and surroundings.

Auto brightness settings, the ones which give a headache to the users with the light automatically getting extremely bright or low.

New navigation Interface-

Enhancing the multi-tasking bar, users will be able to access multiple windows with a single clean home button. The update came with very much like an iPhone horizontal bar. This will replace the home and recent buttons.

Predictive Apps-

Making the user interface effective and efficient, Google has enabled the update to have such features. Users will now their top favourite or most opened apps in the list of top apps. This list will depend on the usage history. Shortcut to several apps like calls, music, alarm and several others.

Introducing Digital Wellbeing-

We all are aware of how Fitbit Tracker app is enriching the lives of their users. The app not only informs the user but also motivates them about their exercise, food, sleep and weight. The new update includes Digital Wellbeing dashboard. The app will inform users about their usage history and their behavior on the apps.


Recent Companies To Join The List-

Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro, recently launched by Xiaomi on July 17, have recently received their software Android Pie Update. Users who have already booked their phones online or have made up their minds to buy this model will have this brand-new update waiting for them.

Update in the recent models has come up with an Android Security Patch having the same changelog only having a minor difference of fonts only.

Recently Razer announced that they will be receiving the Android Pie Update, having the second-generation gaming smartphone.

The company also gave several confirmations about the update having the top Android Security. Earlier this year, Razor Phone 2 was updated with the same Android Pie Update.

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