Medical astrology part 1 – Historical aspect of Medical Sciences

Medical sciences

There is no doubt that Vedas are the sources of all knowledge including the medical sciences. And it also sounds well that medicine is as old as life on earth itself. The most ancient and completely perfect system of medical science is Ayurveda, which means the science of life. It, unlike other systems of modern medicine, not only deals with diseases and medicines but is unique while dealing with the various methods of a healthy life. 

According to Indian Vedic literature, Ayurveda is a Upveda (a branch) of Atharveda and descended from Brahma, the creator of the universe in the following order. Brahma – Prajapati – Ashwani Kumar – Indra. 

Indra taught this science to three Rishis Bhardwaj, Dhanvantri and Kashyap in eight branches (mentioned below) when the rishis approached Indra for relief from psychosomatic troubles being faced by humans. 

  • Kaya Cikitsa (General Medicine) 
  • Bala Cikitsa (Paediatrics) 
  • Graha Cikitsa (Demonology) 
  • Urdhvanga/Salakya Cikitsa (E.N.T. and Ophthalmology) 
  • Salya Cikitsa (Surgery) 
  • Damstra Cikitsa (Toxicology) 
  • Jara/Rasayana (Geriatrics) 
  • Vrsa/Vajikaran (Aphrodisiacs) 

These rishis, having learnt this Astanga Ayurveda, taught it to their disciple namely Agnivesa, Bhela and Jatukarna etc. Their treatises on this science of medicine are known as Agnivesa Samhita and Bhela Samhita. 

Further descending order is as under as to how the divine Ayurveda reached humans. 

1. Bhardwaj—Atreya—Punaravasu—Agnivesa—Bhela— Parashara—Harita—Ksarapani. 

2. Dhanvantri—Sushruta—Aupadhenava—Pauskalvata— Karavirya—Gopura Rakshita 

3. Kashyapa—Vashishtha—Atri and Bhrigu to their sons and disciples. 

In fact, the Rig-Veda is the prime knowledge and other Vedas (Samaveda, Yajurveda, and Atharvaveda) are derived from it. Rig Veda contains 10 Mandals and 1028 Suktas for specified purposes. 

The Suktas are a special bunch of Divine Mantras dedicated to Gods. The great Seers of Veda also dedicated a Sukta containing 29 mantras to 125 medicines identified by them and named it as Aushadhi Sukta i.e. Medicinal Dedication. 

Its recitation enhances the power of herbs and medicinal plants to cure diseases and bestow upon humanity a disease-free life. Thus, we see that the history of medicine is as old as Rig-Veda. To be continued….

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