Strong Mercury in kundli can bring you these benefits

Mercury retrograde in Taurus 2022

Mercury, as a planet in astrology, rules over the human intellect. It accompanies Sun, Saturn and Venus.

It is often seen as the “young prince” and an impotent planet. Mercury is the only planet that exists as high as 15 degrees in its house of Virgo. Its effect is especially beneficial when it is 15-20 degrees in Virgo. It is a minor planet, and in the 12th house, it represents a house of cost or expenditure. If it’s in this house, its effects are harmful or malefic.

In astrology, Mercury is the planet governing education, writing ability, business acumen, communication and oral skills. It also represents your logic, analytical skill and your intelligence quotient.

Fields that come under Mercury are Accountancy, Commerce, Mathematics, Media and Communication, Software Development and also it is an indicator of your humorous side.

In Gemini, Mercury showers its good effect. According to Kal Purusha chart, this planet is the lord of the 3rd and 6th houses. The third house represents your communication power, emotional stability, younger siblings, strengths, short journeys.

The sixth house represents court cases, litigation, competition and to handle or remove this one needs intelligence governed by Mercury and its placement.

Profession associated with Mercury

If Mercury is favourably placed in your birth chart, you would be blessed with good oratorical skills, would be a great comedian, writer, and have excellent communication ability and cordial relationship with siblings. It also brings a good amount of short travel and desire for travel. It would also indicate a person who can deal confidently with all competition, one who possesses a mathematical and logical brain.

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The 6th house is also a house of problems which Mercury can aid to remove. In order to see the effect of Mercury in your life, you must take a good look at its degree, star, which planet is paired with it, and its effect on the D-9 chart.

In conjunction with Mercury & Sun adds Budhaditya, which should be remembered well for life. This yoga will give good results in Virgo, Gemini and Leo.

When Mercury is paired with Venus, Lakshmi yoga is created. However, the results are visible only in special cases. Together with Mercury, Rahu and Ketu often add destruction, which hinders your work.

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