Astrologer explains why you need a strong Sun in kundli

Sun in kundli

In Vedic Astrology, Sun is one of the most important planets of them all. It represents authority and dominance. Sun gives the native will-power, courage, confidence and blesses the native with good leadership skills. Sun also plays a major role in influencing your health, which is why its placement in your birth chart is very important.

A strong Sun basically gives us the power to counter all odds in life. But on the other hand, it also gives us aggression leading to self-centred tendencies. Moreover, a weak Sun can also bring a lack of confidence, poor self-expression, and challenging situations. Sun signifies how will be a person’s tolerance level with their father and how far he can benefit from his father. 

Sun when in good association with Jupiter (Guru) shows what good you will learn from your father as the father is our biggest Guru. Next, Sun with Rahu may brew a situation where we get bad habits from our father like smoking, drinking, and other addiction. Sun with Ketu shows what good habits and spiritualism we learn from our father and elders. In the same way, the relation of the Sun with Venus shows what kind of relationship we will forge with our wife. 

Important Houses or Signs for Sun

Our life on the earth is 00 minutes at the time when the Sun is placed in any of the houses in your kundli. So the placement of the Sun comes from our past life. But what we derive out of it depends on our present karmas. Sun in any house has a dual role, both negative and positive. We have read above that Sun in each House can give both positive and negative results depending on how we use the power and energy of the Sun. Just one example here: we need strong Sun in the 10th house if we want to excel in our career. We need a balanced Sun for marital life in the 7th house. A balanced Sun in the 7th House supports our 10th House as well since the 7th House is the secondary house of the profession. 

No planet is good or bad, no house is more or any less important, no planet in any house give results on its own. Plantes are placed in our horoscope based upon what we did in our previous birth and what we will get depends how we regulate our Karmas of the present life. And don’t forget, it also lays the foundation of your next horoscope.

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