3 Yogas In PM Modi’s Kundli That Makes Him So Successful

Yogs in PM Modi's kundali

Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, is one of the most celebrated, followed and inspiring people in the world. Born in Vadnagar in Gujarat, he has to his name an inspirational journey of becoming one of the most influential PMs of the country from being an ordinary tea vendor.

While that’s one fact that most of us know, but in this blog, we will try to unravel the yogas and good combinations in PM Modi’s Kundli, that helped him in being so successful.

Narendra Modi’s Kundali

PM Modi was born on 17 September 1950. At the time of his birth, he had Moon and Mars together in his chart. Such a planetary combination has been favourable for him as it helps the native attain confidence, courage, power, wealth and enthusiasm. The good placement of Mars is also credited for the person being hardworking and farsighted.

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A peek into PM Modi’s life, and one would find out that he not only has the aforementioned qualities, but also the willingness to inspire people to try them for themselves. Such an attitude of his doesn’t only reflect from his speeches but also in the schemes his administration comes up with (Skill India).

Best Yogas In PM Modi’s Kundli

1. Shatruhanta Yog In Kundali 

PM Narendra Modi’s kundli has a Shatruhanta Yog. This yog is effective in keeping enemies at bay. This means PM Modi’s enemies or opponents will not be able to do any harm to him even if they try. This yog also signifies that the person will be full of confidence, and his aura will also influence his critics. Further, Scorpio with Shatruhanta yog in PM Modi’s horoscope means that the person is serious and fearless. As for the Prime Minister, he does not panic at all when taking important decisions. 

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In addition, these people are always brimming with confidence and manage to achieve most of the things they seek. It’s a mixture of luck and motivation to work hard that this yog brings, which becomes your mantra to a worthy life.

2. Raj Yog In PM Modi’s Kundli 

Interestingly, PM Modi’s horoscope also has an indication of Raj Yoga. To note, Lord Moon or Chandra in Bhagyesh allows him the virtue of ‘Raja Yoga’. However, as per our astrologers, PM Modi has a low-lying Raja Yoga from the Moon. That is why he had to struggle in the first place to get immense success later.

3. Prassidhi Yog due to Anuradha lagna

PM Modi’s popularity is world-renowned. Wherever he goes, there is a sea of his admirers always present to welcome him. And one reason behind this is the Prassidhi Yog forming in his Kundli.

However, one might be of the view that, as a PM, it’s obvious that he would have a massive fan following. But then if we compare his fan following with other world leaders, he happens to be the most popular of them all. A good example would be he being the most followed political figure on Twitter.

This popularity of his is both due to his hard work and Anuradha Lagna in his kundli. Anuradha lagna plays a very vital role in creating and maintaining a person’s image and allowing him Prassidhi or popularity. However, the fun fact is that this personality created in the minds of other people is very much different from what actually that person is in their core.

Do you have any of these yogs in your kundli? Know from our astrologers.

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