Biggest Arctic Ozone Hole Closes- Coronavirus not the reason?

Biggest Arctic Ozone Hole

The biggest Arctic ozone hole detected in mid-April 2020 has now been closed. The results are absolutely astonishing as it was huge in size. Many people are of the belief that the lockdown amid the coronavirus outbreak caused it. In fact, the low level of air pollution led to the closing of the biggest ever ozone depletion. However, scientists believe that despite the lockdown leading to less air pollution.

The reason for it was not pandemic restriction. A plausible reason given by the researchers was that an unusual polar vortex cured the massive hole in our atmosphere. Nasa scientist told that this once in a decade appearing hole is thrice the size of Greenland.

It is very common in the Antarctic region for ozone layers to deplete due to the high emission of chlorofluorocarbons. The activities of the factories and vehicles have caused immense pollution. Nevertheless, the Covid19 did give the environment some relief from the harmful gases. Nature is enjoying this time away from the pollutants. In addition, the rare hole did not cause much damage and in no time closed.

What are the Ozone Holes?

Ozone layers shield us from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. The brimming light causes skin cancer and other fatalities in our bodies. However, due to increasing human interference with the environment, the ozone layer is depleting every year. The tension in the stratospheric layer is leading to many ozone holes from the year 1980. Ozone holes are fatal for human life. We should always protect ourselves by covering our bodies with a good sunscreen. Make sure to never sit under direct sunlight or it will lead to skin damage.

Effects of Ozone Holes

The Ozone holes are formed by coming in contact with the hazardous man-made gases. This year record-breaking ozone hole was very unlikely to occur in the Arctic region. A hole this large appeared last in the Spring of 2011. However, it beat the records of being the biggest Arctic Ozone layer ever.

Effects on Human Health

  • It causes Skin Cancer and malignant melanoma
  • In many cases, it leads to Cataract, thus leading difficulty in vision.
  • Also, it leads to respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchitis, and, emphysema
  • Injures our immunity to fight diseases.
  • Chest pain, coughing, and throat infection will worsen due to exposure to the UVB rays.
  • Premature aging is also common.

Effects on Plants and Ecosystems

  • It causes the growth of plants and trees. The overall development is shrunk.
  • The nutrients and vitamins from the plants are also affected.
  • As the UVB rays increase the Phytoplanktons lives are also reduced.
  • Reproductivity of marine animals is decreased to a greater level.
  • The early development stages of aquatic animals are severely damaged.
  • Further, it contributes to high global warming.

I hope this information was helpful to you.

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