Birthstone for People in July- Astrological Benefits and Way to Wear

Birthstone for People in July- Astrological Benefits and Way to Wear

Birthstones have a significant impact on our lives. They have powers that can help a person overcome obstacles. Sometimes a person might feel lost in his struggles. He works tirelessly and nothing seems wrong but nothing seems to work out enough for success. Wearing a birthstone in hard situations, give you a touch of your inner self that you might not be aware of. It gives you positive vibes and enough strength for everything.

Birthstones are not only meant for the times when you are struggling. It can also help you in staying happy and unlocking hidden opportunities in your life.

Ruby Stone

Each birthstone has something unique about it. For the month of July, that birthstone is the red gem. Ruby is more than 50 million years old. It is a special stone for Cancer and Leo. In ancient times, all crowns used to be decorated with rubies. This was because Ruby blesses a person with wealth and prosperity. It is a representation of good fortune. Red can portray almost every important emotion in our lives. Be it love, hate, anger, courage, or warning! We can see red on everything.

Historically, people believed that Ruby has mother earth’s blood in it. That is why it is so red. Because of this belief, this stone holds an ultimate respectful position in people’s eyes.

How can Ruby be beneficial?

  • Ruby helps you in securing high status and luxurious life.
  • People who are working in the field like law, medical and political, etc where fame and money get very crucial, ruby can act as a catalyst to their success.
  • It doesn’t only control success rate in one’s life but also their emotions. Ruby is associated with deep emotions and the person feels calm and connected with their loved ones with the power of this stone.
  • If someone struggles in telling people about what he feels, Ruby can help him in being expressive about feelings. It will give the person confidence and positivity to let things out.
  • Health issues like headache problems, tuberculosis, heart-related problem, and bones, etc can be treated with a ruby ring.
  • It also sharpens the mind power and ability to analyze things.
  • Also, it brings happiness and peace.

Some facts about Ruby

  • Hinduism believes that Ruby can act as a protected cover from ill thoughts of enemies.
  • It can also act as a foundation stone of building to ensure prosperity in the future.
  • Star rubies are the rarest type of rubies that are made of six or twelve rayed star on it.

How to Wear Ruby

  • Sun is the lord of Ruby. Because of this, Sunday is the most suitable day for wearing it.
  • Before wearing it, purify it with Gangajal or cow milk, it is an act of good start.
  • Chant “Om Grrni Suryay Namah” to amplify the power of Ruby. Worship it with strong devotion and belief.
  • It should be worn in the ring finger of the right hand.
  • Donate red cloth, wheat, jaggery, copper, and money to a Brahmin.

Human life is unpredictable. We don’t have control over what will happen next. There can be obstacles that will stop you from achieving your goals. Many harmful acts can cause irreparable damages in your life. Knowing about your birthstone and its strengths gives you a feeling of calmness. For babies of July, Ruby can be a very beneficial stone.

It will clear their mind from outer destruction. Red stone has been a symbol of wealth since ancient times. Crowns of kings and. queens were embodied with luxurious rubies to ensure their prosperity. However, it should only be worn at the advice of an expert astrologer. The right time and way of wearing a Ruby are important for its positive results.

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