Born in July? Find All Astrology Symbols

Born in July Find All Astrology Symbols of Cancer

The month of July witnesses 2 zodiac signs- cancer (till 22nd July) and Leo (starting from 23 July). Today, we will only talk about zodiac sign cancer and will try to understand their hidden secrets. The fourth sign of the astrological year, cancer is widely known by its symbol of crab. Cancers are said to be very organized, intelligent, home-loving, generous, and tenacious. Those born in July are family people who like to stick with their loved ones through rough times.

Astrological features of Cancer

  • Flowers- cancer is in link with a water lily or the magnolia.
  • The glyph symbol of cancer signifies the breasts (the sign of the nurturing and caring qualities of Cancerians).
  • The Cancer sign is ruled by the planet Moon. This speaks of their deepest emotional needs, intuitive reactions, sudden mood change, and fear of the sub-conscious. It’s receptive, responsive, and reflective.
  • The element of cancer zodiac is WATER.  Water signs generally are very fluid and intuitive.
  • The crab symbol of Cancer shows a shell, and these natives are very protective, sensitive, and hesitant. They retreated back when they feel any danger. Cancer’s behavior patterns are quite unpredictable and complex. Crabs easily adapt to changes in the external environment. They protect themselves from various dangers. In the same way, Cancer natives avoid change and are mostly defensive. Crabs have “complex behavior patterns.” crabs even “hide by covering their bodies with plants.” Cancer natives also try to blend or hide in situations, preferably not to stand out in a crowd.
  • The most suited metal for cancer sign is silver. This is because of their close link with the moon.
  • The gem of Cancer is Pearl. Pearl stands for wisdom, loyalty, integrity, and calm. These traits are also in link with cancer.
  • The lucky colors for cancer zodiac are violet, silver, and white.
  • Cancer is linked to the 4th house, representing psychological foundations. Such as family, roots, home, link with past, domestic life, sense of security, and real estate.
  • The lucky number for cancer is two. Lucky days- 2, 11, and 20. Lucky years might be- 2018, 2027, 2036, 2045.
  • Cancer is a highly fertile sign in planting. Their trees are the apple, fir, and Cyprus.
  • Cancer’s friendly signs are Scorpio, libra, and Pisces. Cancer’s enemy signs are Leo and Capricorn.

Male born in this zodiac

Cancer men are extremists. They can be caring and loving one minute, but turn remote and sad the next. Those born in July are born a family man. Cancer males are easily adaptable to family life. It means everything to them. They cherish parenting and take a major role in their child’s life.

Female born in this zodiac

Cancer woman possesses motherly instincts and the power to make it a domestic bliss. They are loyal to their family and remain close to their mother. A born in July  Cancer woman is confident and home-maker which she truly finds most appealing.

Cancers lovers

Cancers are very romantic at heart. They love all types of wooing and opt for marriage and a long-term relationship. Those born in July are born loyal mates and will support their partner’s aims and expect the same. They are keen to the wants of their lover; they are very sensitive lovers.

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