Cancerian Women- Wild Truth About Them, By a Cancerian

Cancer Women- Brutal Truth About Them, By a Cancerian

As per astrology, Cancerian women have a reputation of a sensitive, emotional, and beyond the imagination reliable zodiac sign. There is a lot more about this sign that goes above their glory of being a loyal sign.

Cancer Dates- Cancer (21st June to 22nd July)

Besides, I am also a Cancerian as per Vedic Astrology. It’s my Moon Sign.

We, Cancerian women, have a singular addition. Especially, when it comes to the most complex emotions of all, Love. In such a scenario, our emotions are all over the place. You wouldn’t need to look carefully. We love flaunting it. For us, it is important to let others know that we care. However, our deep routed connections with words and feelings rot in hell when we are in confusion.

Our shyness can be a real rusty ride. Often, it confuses. But, here’s the deal, when you know us, you come to realize you have found humorous, the sweetest, and the craziest person to be with.

The kinks below are a touch of the entire Cancer Women catalog. Nevertheless, it can give you a slight idea of who we are and why we are the way we are.

Our Mood is Not Something Everyone can Handle

Cancerian women are the moodiest of all. It takes a lot to tackle their tantrums, emotional dramas because of their mood swings.

Guilty, we are ridiculously moody.

We are the sign that is so emotional. Perhaps, you may also call a Cancerian woman the Queen of Passive Aggressive and silent treatment. But I have something to counter. We take things to heart, straight. Thus, it becomes easy for anything to hurt her. Now, that a woman is tangled in emotions, she sometimes/often can be tough to understand. Moreover, it is harder for us to have a selective response. So, we play safe and play silently.

Nevertheless, when a Cancerian is sad, you will know. They have it not only on their face but in their actions. They’d do sweet things angrily. Or just lie on the couch waiting for someone to pick them up.

Nothing can Hold the Horses of Imagination

Every Cancerian woman loves to imagine. More than that, we love to analyze. Why? By age, we become capable of understanding things, the reality already has had hit us hard. Therefore, in order to prevent any further loss, we would do anything. It includes ANALYZING WAY TOO MUCH.

Cancerian women wander in their fantasy world. They can tell stories beyond your expectations. However, Cancerian women are the type of people who can fool you with confidence. You wouldn’t be able to guess why.

Besides, we can be super attentive.

We notice small details about things. We love keeping information about things, people, and their favorite food & their BAE. Ask for gossip, we can fill you always.

Psssttt!! We do it secretly.

On the other hand, Cancerian women have a vital taste of amusement. Merged with their imaginative tactics, the spark in a relationship never fades. With them, to enjoy intimacy is like heaven. Besides, you wouldn’t need to bring a book or movie to have fun with her. She can tell you uncountable stories.

We Don’t Compromise “ME TIME”

We Don't Compensate ME TIME

Even if a Cancerian woman is not doing anything productive, she doesn’t compromise on her ME TIME.

We love being around our loved ones. BUT BUT BUT, there shall not be anything that cuts our time to spend with ourselves. Cancerian women have a special relationship built outside the material realm. She wanders there time and again.

There is a part of her emotions shared with wind, mountains, trees, rivers, and flowers. She is crazy about psithurism and petrichor. Her green panther attitude often justifies her belonging to Water Sign.

Family, Friends, & Love Come First

When it comes to family, you can’t define the boundary of love. Cancerian women love their families on another level. They make friends rarely. Thus, when she is friends with you, it means you are their family member now. So, in order to become her lover, you have to be friends with her friends and adjust to her crazy family.

It would be quite fun. Being with someone who values so much and to whom commitment and loyalty means everything offers another kind of security in a relationship.

She is a woman who would introduce you to the beauty of moonwake. Once she loves you, she will build her world around you. She will explore all your beauties and will embrace them along with your weaknesses.

Yes, We Are Stubborn

Not just stubborn. We are jealous, possessive, and obsessive.

Make a Cancerian woman mad and your peace for the day is gone. You just can’t have it. We will do it anything to make you realize what it is like hurting someone for something. Besides, we can argue like a pro. In a debate with us, you will always lose. PERIOD.

It doesn’t matter if you were right. Prepare your sleeping couch before you start the argument. THAT’S IT.

We will give everything to you once you come in our life. We wear our feeling all over our bodies and shower it well on everyone. in the end, and above all, we will do anything to bring a smile on your face and to make your heart happy.

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