Understanding The Grace Of Cancer Woman

Cancer Dates- June 21 – July 23

Trigger warning: Her emotions are all over the place! She might seem a bit messy at first because of her emotions. But it’s her emotions that make her so damn strong. Symbolically speaking, the distinctive form of  Cancer woman is incredibly fragile and easily harmed within.

Although it gives the illusion of an opaque shell of self-assurance and hardness from the outside. She’s a walking paradox. Cancerian lady is a tough cookie to crack yet she is so soft and delicate at the same time. Her inveigling demeanor has got layers not many can unfurl.

“Looks like a mess sometimes but is really the glue holding her world together.”

Cancer Woman Personality

The first and foremost thing people tend to pick up on is her nourishing and caring side. A woman belonging to the Cancer horoscope gives off those motherly vibes and fair enough!

Because Cancer is ruled by the bright and shining Moon, which is a strong indicator of mother and feminine energy, emotions, beauty, memory and the power of the mind. She tends to sneak up on you quite delicately. Like you catch a glimpse of her and then the next thing you know is, she’s lingering in your mind very serenely.

Represented by the crab, she might appear to be cold and hardcore on the surface. But is utterly sympathetic and sensitive towards people around her. Speaking of sensitivity, she is one of the most sensitive women of all zodiacs. Although her sensitivity can at times be portrayed in a rather gloomy and immature way when they meet new people. 

cancer women

A cancer woman on most occasions has trouble controlling the intensity of her emotions and can come across as a crybaby. However, she thoroughly understands she isn’t perfect, and people can more readily connect with her when she’s transparent and displays the flawed flavor of her personality.

But when she’s comfortable, she lets her guard down except if you hurt her feelings, she’ll crawl back into her shell to hide. Her emotions get to her quickly because of her sensitivity. She snaps into this cranky and sarcastic bombshell and will stay away from the crowd until she’s ready to come out again. 

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Cancer Woman Appearance

cancer women

This moon madness is graced with a luminous lunar outward phenotype. The most striking features of her innocent appearance provide for those mischievous almond-shaped eyes, moony and dreamy expression, her rounded soft face with that pleasant lush smile.

A smile that is seeking some inner assurance. Those apple cheeks of her though will be prominent in an appealing manner. And her eyes often have a lighter hue or give the impression of light, exacerbated by the arc-down eyebrows. The eyes tend to be watery and filled with affection and emotions even though she tries to hide the emotional part. 

Furthermore, women born under the sign of cancer moves just like the crab in a zigzag manner, she doesn’t approach anything straight in her life. Even she walks, she waddles a bit just like a crab on the seashore. However, the height remains average in relation to others while the upper body is well-rounded with slender arms and legs.

Cancer Zodiac Facts

So what happens when they are growing up, they are quite self-doubting, *in most cases*, to the extent that they have an inferiority complex. Somewhere a tug of war takes place inside of them. But when the moon shines for them, that is when they outgrow this phrase of self-doubting.

They shine in full glory as they acknowledge and embrace their untapped potential. Something happens in their life which pushes them to become the tough ladies that they are. One life-changing event occurs in their life and they change. 

cancer women

Despite the emotional overload and feeling like the misunderstood and misfit in society, she is passionate, motivated and truly wants to make the world a better place. Miss Crabs has this rugged outwardly façade but this is what they become in the latter part of their life without uprooting their crab-like tenderness.

Cancer Woman in love

Miss Moon magic is a pre-eminent player of this sport associated with love, a sense of thrill and mystery, Romance, to put it simply. She knows exactly how to drive a man crazy in love with her.

However, she has closely guarded emotional abyss, and like that of the story of Sleeping Beauty and her prince, it takes an intense love to awaken her eroticisms.

Miss Crab is certainly a highly sensual woman and a deep affection is needed to unlock the smoldering fire of this water sign, clearly a contradiction! Right? But that’s what this lady is all about! She’s not conventional at all. 

Cancer women

Plus, Don’t expect Cancer woman to be forward, because she doesn’t know how to be. You must pick up the subtle clues, the unspoken invitation.  She is very careful to give her heart away and it demands a sense of security as her emotions and desires are very mystical to her.

She respects her femininity and delicate fragile heart, thus she shields it too well. You need to be very careful with her emotions. Nonetheless, this hopeless romantic enigma is convinced that love is the secret of life. And usually, the Cancerian in love is the most stable lover. She’s devoted to her mate and her family.

These were a few points to mention the deep details about the grace of Cancer women. Also, you might like to grab some information regarding the boss-lady of all zodiacs- Leo Women. 

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