Born in May- 4 Types of People to Look Out for

Born in May- May borns

Summers are here and the month of May is also just around the corner. People born in May of their birthdays are not so far. Some of them may have to celebrate their special day under lockdown but it’s not that bad either until you are safe. However, do you know that there are 4 types of May borns? Yes, it is true not all are the same, they have a distinct personality that not everyone is aware of.

Basically, if one is born in May then they will be ruled by either of the two zodiac signs, Taurus or Gemini. Today we will discuss types of May borns and their characteristic traits.

Born on 1st May- 8th May

If you are born in the first half of the month then you are moderate in nature. They are down to earth and take life as it comes. However, they are quite stubborn about their beliefs and ideas. If you happen to meet a person born on the 1st of May till the 8th of May just stay cautious. Luck always favors them. They can be your damsel in distress who knows.

They are pretty much adaptable to the situation and surroundings. Give them any job and they will never disappoint you. Their hard work always pays off in the end. When it comes to love they are very choosy. These people don’t get carried away easily.

Born on 9th May- 15th May

The second set of people are extremely short-tempered. These are hot-headed and can snap at the slightest inconvenience. They love traveling and are always on the go. Moreover, these May people love nature, they can bask their entire life adoring the beauty around.

These people are the go-getters. They are very responsible and goal-oriented. Whatever they take up success always is their best of friends. When in love they are the most loyal partner one could ever ask for. They are a blessing in disguise. So cherish them for a lifetime.

Born on 16th May- 22nd May

Well, we are now down to the third group of May borns. These people are full of emotions and get upset real quick. They have a hard time letting go of the past. But inside of them is a soft-hearted loving person one would love to have in their lives.

They are close to their family and friends. If a sudden death occurs they simply can’t take all of the pain. They are ambiverts and can be mistaken for being too uptight. They manage their relationships well and profoundly. How can you not love these sweethearts?

Born on 23rd May- 31st May

Now, this is where the Gemini season officially begins. These set of people have a great sense of humor. They are the life of the party. They are chatterbox with a super easy-going personality. In fact, they are clever enough to turn their failures into success.

However, they sometimes lose their temper. They are emotional beings with an eye for beauty. They love to be the center of attention among their friends and families. But they are quick to get offended and don’t forgive easily. You won’t like to be in their bad books, would you?

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