Know What Your Career Line Says About You

Career line astrology

People have a tendency to weigh luck and hard work on the same scale under the pretext that both are intertwined. But are they? Well, think of times when you saw someone getting things without them even needing to put in too much effort. We all have a story or two on the same lines to tell, right? Well, all of it is the work of our Luck line/Career line astrology, which has no certain time to reward someone.

Luck line reading is one of the most sought after palmistry practices. The Luck line in palmistry is also called Fate line, Career line, Job line, etc. as all of these aspects of life are a mixture of both luck and hard work. So if you ever seek to get a reading of your Luck line, know you are also getting yourself a peek of your professional world.

Where is the career line on hand?

Very difficult to locate for some people, the career line is a vertical line on the palm running from the base of the fingers to the wrist. The starting point of the line can be anywhere at the base of the fingers, while for most people, it is somewhere near the middle finger.

Some astrologers call this line the Saturn line too. It is a depiction of one’s fortune and having this line without jerks is a good omen. It’s a sign that you will prosper across different domains of life and the direction you choose for yourself.

No Career line meaning 

People tend to get scared if they don’t see a career line on their hands. However, our astrologers tell us that there’s nothing to be scared of if you don’t have a career line. No career line doesn’t mean that you won’t have a career at all. It simply means that you don’t stick around long at a job, and this could be due to either your lethargic attitude or simply because you like exploring options and aren’t satisfied with what you have on the plate right now.

Different shapes of Career line and what they mean 

If you have a deep and long career line

Having a career line that begins from the base of the hand and goes up to the base of the finger ascertains your capabilities to excel in your career choices. You are able to make quick decisions and don’t shy away from trying new things, especially when it comes to your profession.

If the career line is dark and bottom and lighter near finger base

This type of career line or luck line is an indication of a smooth and strong career during your teenage and the 30s. However, as you proceed to reach the middle phase of your life, things may start getting tough for you in terms of your career. Thus for such people, it is advised that you prepare multiple sources of income for yourself as you grow. Also, try saving more money.

If you have a shallow career line

This type of line is an indication that you are a very hardworking person. However, despite all the hard work, you, most of the time, don’t get the desired results. However, you still keep trying. The best tip our astrologers suggest for the one with a shallow career line is that you must have a clear goal in life and a plan to achieve it. This plan must be well thought; by counting the experiences of ones close to you.

Locations of the career line and their meaning 

If career line starts from the life line  

If your career line is attached to the lifeline at the start point, then it is a sign that whatever you do in life, you would be satisfied with it. You don’t chase the luxuries but are in to explore the best of the world while having minimal to please yourself and your loved ones. You are also very hardworking and may achieve high social status in life.

If career line starts from the head line

If you have a Career line that originates from the headline, it means that you fuel your life with life experiences. It is recommended that if there is any business you seek to start, you must start it after 35 years of age. Anything before 35 could lead to failure and stress for you. As the combination of head line and career line is about experiences, you get success only once you have in your kitty the required wisdom and experience.

If career line starts from the heart line 

If you have a career line that begins from the heart line, it is an indication of late success. The line expects you to be stable about your choices and not take ill-thought decisions. You must work in partnership as this could help you forge a better fortune for yourself in middle age.

If career line starts from mount of Moon  

Mount of the Moon sits at the bottom of the hand on the left side (right hand). If the career line starts from the mount of the Moon, it means that you are highly creative. You would do good in a profession like decor, fashion designing, writing, etc. Having this line also makes you a helpful mate who is loved by the most.

If career line starts from mount of Venus 

Mount of Venus is on the opposite side of the mount of the Moon, i.e. near the thumb. If you have such a line, you would be lucky in inheriting a fortune from your partners, relatives or ancestors. For most of your life, you won’t have to worry about money problems. 

If career line ends at mount of Saturn 

Mount of Saturn is located at the base of the fingers. A career line that begins from the base of the palm and ends at the Mount of Saturn is a sign of you creating a fortune out of literally nothing. You are to see a successful career for yourself with an abundance of luck. In addition, if the sun line runs parallel with it, your business would go more smoothly.

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If career line ends at mount of Jupiter 

If you consider your right hand, the mount of Jupiter is placed below the forefinger. When the career line begins from the base of the hand and ends at the mount of Jupiter, it indicates the presence of power that you either inherit or create. This power helps you excel in the field you choose. Career line astrology for these people indicates fame, good reputation and influence over other people.  

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If career line ends at mount of Sun 

A career line that begins from the base of the hand and ends at the mount of Sun (located below the ring finger) indicates that you have artistic talent. You may use these talents in fields like travel, decor, writing, etc.

If career line ends at mount of Mercury 

The Mount of Mercury is placed below the little finger. If you have a career line beginning at the base of the palm and ending at the mount of Mercury, it means that you will have good achievement in business. When the same line is in both hands, it’s a further implication of good luck in commerce. 

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If the career line stops at the heart line

If your career line stops at the heart line, it is a sign that you let your professional decisions get influenced by your heart. Such a line also indicates career decline after 50 years of age. However, there are many versions of this line, which have been discussed below.

  • If the career line runs through the head line, then there are high chances of both you and your parents getting divorced. This type of line also indicates that you must get married first and then start a business for yourself. Doing so will allow you an abundance of lady luck by your side.
  • If the career line doesn’t cut the head line, it means that you will acquire good wealth in the youth stages of your life. However, this line also warns you about not giving up and leaving things midway. Also, you must adopt a habit of saving money more than anyone else.
  • In Career line astrology, having a career line that begins near the thumb and ends at the heart line indicates a marriage with a noted or rich person.

If the career line stops at the head line

If you have a career line that stops at the head line, it is a sign that despite having the talent, you tend to cease work that could take you higher places. This is due to a wrong decision or false misinterpretation. This situation can be averted if you take advice from your close ones before making any decision.

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If you have a broken career line  

  • If a break is present in career line between head line and heart line, it means that you may face issues in life between the age of 40 and 55. Once you cross this age, new avenues in life will open up for you and you will have more to look forward to. However, the 40-55 period would be somewhat tough for you.
  • If the career line breaks somewhere in the middle of the palm, it means that you may have to face property loss. This will certainly happen after the prime stage of your life.
  • If your career line has a break and resumes its course parallel to the break, it means you will change your job and start a new career.

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Island on the career line 

This is rare but if you have an island on the career line, it means a block in the career. The bigger the island, the bigger the block. 

  • An island at the joint point of the career line and head line indicates financial losses.
  • An island at the joint point of your heart line and the career line means issues in your career owing to some emotional decision.
  • If there is an island at the end of the career line (below the fingers) it means regret during old age due to some unattended life decision.
  • An island at the beginning of the career line means birth issue.
  • An island located in the middle of the palm on the career line indicates setbacks in career in middle age.

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