Celebs who wore the astrologically-right colours this week (April 18 – April 24)

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Though the Maldives vacation (twice) has got many celebs stripping down to the heart-throbbing basics,–

Alanna Panday/Instagram

— yet we were lucky enough to behold the vivid hues of the b-town that allow us to judge whether the colours that celebs wore this week were astrologically right or not.

Though for many of the fashionably sensible individuals, the right colour to wear depends on the colour of the sand on the beach, the colour of the sky, or the theme of the party, but astrology, as always, sees it differently. 

The nine planets (Navgrah) in astrology are the emitter and reflectors of rays of different colours. These emitted and reflected colours provide a distinct appearance to the planets. 

For example, the colour of the Sun is a combination of orange and red. Mars, on the other hand, is red in colour, but it also reflects the yellow rays of the Sun. Venus is considered pure white and it also reflects indigo rays. Similarly, the colour brown is for Ketu.  

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Once you know the lucky colours of different planets, the strengthening of the planets in your Kundli can be done using these colours. For example, the colour of the Planet Sun is red. So, the strengthening of the traits of the Sun in your kundli can be done by wearing red colour or accessories, like tucking a red flower in the bun, wearing ruby, etc. 

With that being said, after calculating the position of the planets in different zodiac signs, we have prepared a list of celebs who donned the right colour as per astrology this week. 

The colour of the week(April 18 – April 24)? White.  

We are living in the month of Taurus. And the zodiac sign Taurus in astrology is ruled by the planet Venus. The colour of Venus is Bright White. And we wonder, did these celebs already know this? Because the celebs painted the b-town white this week. 

Taurus’ in White, 

Manushi Chhillar

Manushi Chhillar/Instagram

Radhika Madan 

Radhika Madan/Instagram

Off-Taurus’ Zodiac signs for whom the colour white was lucky this week:

Libra: Dhanashree Verma is all sun-kissed in the polka dot attire. 

Dhanashree Verma/Instagram

Pisces: Shahid Kapoor. Ahh, doesn’t matter, Shahid Kapoor can get your heart with anything he wears.  

Shahid Kapoor/Instagram

Cancer: Adah Sharma, giving us a glimpse into the simplest work from home clothes you can get comfortable in. 

Adah Sharma/Instagram

Though the colour white could be the saviour as we are living in the month of Taurus. But white, all week? That could get boring. Because life mein thoda aesthetic floral, slutorious red, and adorable black, bhi to hona chahiye na? Guess what, God is on your side.  

To add more lucky colours to your palette, all you need to do is look at the friendly planets of Venus. The friendly planets of Venus are Saturn and Mercury. Now based on the same, find which Zodiac signs that Saturn and Mercury rule. Once you know which zodiac signs Saturn and Mercury rules, find the lucky colour of those zodiac signs for the week.

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For example, planet Saturn is a friend to Venus and Saturn rules Aquarius and Capricorn. Based on the same, the lucky colour for Aquarius and Capricorn this week were:

Black: The colour black is a calming colour for an agitated person and is also known for its protective properties.

Shruti Hassan/Instagram

Light or baby Pink: The colour allows prosperity in terms of career.

Ananya Pandey/Instagram

And hues of blue. The colour blue is said to essence one’s efficiency, intelligence and communication skills. 

Sara Ali Khan/Instagram

Likewise, Mercury is also a friendly sign to Venus. The Planet Mercury rules over Gemini and Virgo zodiac signs. The lucky colours of the week for Virgo and Gemini were:

Green, even the slightest of green helps an individual find harmony and hope. It too has the capability to calm the nerves and cure heart ailments. 


Light Grey: the colour is for comfort and helps your mind relax. It controls the environment around you. 

Virat Kohli/Instagram

And anything but Red, blue, brown and black.  

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