Christmas 2021- What Special Can You Do This Year


Christmas is a festival that people celebrate all over the world. This festival takes place to celebrate the memory of God’s only child. The celebration falls on 25th December every year. It is the day to remember God’s son who comes to the earth in the form of his messenger to spread the message of humanity. People believe him to be an angel who forgives them when they pray.

On the festival’s evening, people believe Santa Claus; the “Father Christmas” brings gifts and cheerfulness to every domestic. Meanwhile, it is a significant festival for those with belief in Christianity and humanity. It is a celebration that teaches humanity and peace. On the very same day, people visit the church and offer prayers to God.

This day is filled with extreme joy and enthusiasm. People from every section of age have a high zeal. They decorate Christmas trees, make delectable dishes to serve on the table in the evening and invite friends and family for meals. At parties, people sing carol and exchange gifts.  

Connotation of the Festival

Christmas has a strong religious and cultural belief of people around the world. This festival is a day for the commemoration of the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. It is an annual festival which especially Christian people celebrate.

On this day, almost every country across the globe observes the secular public holiday.

The belief of People for Christmas

The celebration has a special significance for Christians. It is the birthday of Jesus Christ. The festival evolved over two eras into a religious and secular celebration. Origin of the word comes from Ctistes Masses. It is a phrase of the English language which means the mass of Christ.

The belief of People for Christmas

People all over the world wait for this festival with eagerness. Eventually, in the evening, they exchange gifts and Christmas cards. In India, people observe a public holiday to celebrate the origin of Jesus Christ. In case it falls on a weekend, the very other day happens to be a holiday.

The Christian community of the country celebrates this festival with huge bliss. In the honor of Jesus, Christ people visit churches, sing devotional songs and offer prayers to seek forgiveness for their mistakes and blessings for their health & wealth. On this day, the decoration of the Christmas tree is a major attraction everywhere.

The Flabbergasting Parade

Every year on this day, a Grand Parade is held to celebrate Santa Claus. People wear theme-based costumes and celebrate the existence of Santa in the form of goodness. The greatest parade is organized in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide.

On a normal basis, in the parade of Melbourne over 40000 people come to join the bliss of celebration. The first Christmas parade took place in the year 1993. The parade includes a huge number and a number of horses. There are performers, and clowns that perform in the parade.

The celebration does not limit only to parades, people also exchange gifts to play the role of Santa Claus in the life of their family and friends.

The history behind the Celebration

The history includes a tremendous story that teaches us the lessons of love and humanity. Everyone is aware of the fact that the celebration takes place to remember the birth of Jesus Christ.

The evidence mention, the day occurs to celebrate back in 354 AD. Many famous traditions associated with Christianity celebrate the day to rejoice their belief in kindness.

The current environment of the day also incessantly revolves since the nineteenth century. While the exact date and month are never known to humankind. Before the mid 4th century, the Western Christian Church placed Christmas on December 25.  The date was later adopted by the Eastern countries.

Core Customs and Festivity of Christmas

People have numerous regional differences in the celebration. However, the decoration and prayers are likewise in most of countries. Here are the common decorations that take place on the celebration day-

Core Customs and Festivity of Christmas

Décor –

The preparations of Christmas begin from early December. Certainly, everyone is familiar with the Christmas tree as to the major part of the decoration.

Along with this, lighting, tinsels, novelty children toys, Nativity scenes, and Christmas wreath is an important part of the overall décor. 

These decorations have their mention in the history of Christian religions and the birth of Jesus Christ two thousand years ago. Like, the traditional wreath is a circle of green branches which is a symbol of eternity. The Christian families put a wreath in front of their doors on Christmas evening.

Focusing on the next, stars are a huge mark of Christmas. In tales, it is the star that leads the wise men from the east to visit the new baby Jesus. Regardless of any religion specification, baubles have been a part of the décor since the sixteenth century. The production of bauble takes place in Germany in the circle form and silver color.

Nativities play a major role in the décor because Christmas is the day to celebrate the rebirth of Jesus Christ. It is displayed in homes, town centers and schools in numerous shapes and forms. It is the representation of a Christmas story with baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary, camels, a few barn animals, and wise men.

On this day, every family decorates their homes. This time of the year brings the joy of competition of best decorations at homes. In the breezy evening of December, people decorate the streets as well. The decorations have a significant meaning which is a representation of joy of Christmas. It creates an atmosphere of zeal and enthusiasm.

Christmas Tree –

The first Christmas tree was decorated in France, Germany. The contemporary Christmas tree follows the tradition trace since the 16thcentury.


In the seventeenth century, the first Christmas tree in the United States appeared in Pennsylvania. It happens with the arrival of Germany immigrants. Afterward, the tradition of decorating a Christmas tree begins from half of the nineteenth century.

Typically, on the morning of 6th January people remove the decoration and save for the next Christmas.

Delectable Dishes

The festival of Christmas comes with the blessing of delicious foodstuffs on the dining table. Here are a few suggestions on what you can try this Christmas.

Sweets- Chocolate Babka, Eggnog Cupcakes, and Christmas Pudding.

Drinks- Hot Buttered Rum and Cider and Hot Chocolate.

Snacks- Butternut Squash, Cranberry, and Goat Cheese Crostini.

Meals – Roast Goose with Pork, Prune, Roast Potato and Chestnut Stuffing

Christmas across the Country

Here are the top 5 places to visit for the best Christmas celebration-


This place may be the most popular because of its beaches and rain. However, the celebration of Christmas in Mumbai would stun anyone. The grandiose decorations of malls and streets are the major attraction of Christmas in Mumbai.

Mumbaikars celebrate every festival with great enthusiasm. To know more about the core rituals of Marathi celebrations read – Grand Immersion Festival. 


In the season of Christmas, Sikkim enjoys the monthof snow and glow. It looks like a white castle covered with sparkles and lights. Sikkim is a fine destination to visit on the occasion of Christmas.


This is a place of gorgeous waterfalls and hills. Here, the Cathedral Church has been one of the oldest churches in North East India.


It is one of the most beautiful yet underexplored hill stations of Uttarakhand. People with a taste of peaceful celebration can visit Lansdowne for their serene Christmas celebration.


It is one of the most popular Christmas destinations of the country. A person can visit Puducherry with family and friends to celebrate the occasion of Christmas.

Closing Mentions

On this day, people tend to celebrate and spend time with their loved ones because it is the festival to spread love and kindness. The day of Christmas is also popular as “Big Day” or “Bada Din”. The Orthodox Christians celebrate the festival on January 7 every year. 

Christmas 2021 and Next Five Years

There is no specific day to worship God. However, the celebration of Christmas falls on 25th December every year. 

Day Date Year
Friday25th December 2020
Saturday25th December 2021
Sunday25th December 2022
Monday25th December 2023
Tuesday25th December 2024

These were major information about the festival of Christmas. Also, you may like to read about what your Zodiac says about you. 

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