Colors And Astrology- Significance and Process

Colors and Astrology

Colours hold great relevance in our life, a world black and white would look incomplete. Everything around us is in multi-hues, we are lucky to have such a colourful life. Moreover, they don’t only fill our life with light and hope but also have therapeutic importance. Further, colours and astrology have an impact on our day to day lives and even on our moods. Nevertheless, Color Therapy is one of the remedies that astrologers use to heal people from chronic suffering.

Pigments have the ability to cure depression and stress. Furthermore, these colours soothe and relax your body naturally. It also energizes the body to a great extent. It is an ancient method of the Egyptians that was highly effective. So it’s reliable, all though modern science has not yet agreed. Colours that we adorn in our day to day life has a major role to play in stimulating our mood.

Significance of Colors in Astrology

Colours in your room, office or anywhere else have a huge effect on our progress. Experts use colours to cure psychological and physiological problems. For instance, if you are at a state of stress or depression, then colour healing is at your rescue.

Colour also helps overcome emotional and physical imbalances. Same mental health is a necessity in this world of the rat race. So this will benefit people having anxiety and stress. According to Indian mythology, the chakra has seven colours, all serving a purpose.

  • Red- Root Chakra
  • Orange-Sacral Chakra
  • Green- Heart chakra
  • Blue- Throat chakra
  • Indigo- Brow chakra
  • Violet- Crown chakra
  • Yellow- Solar Plexus

How of Colors work in Astrology

Astrologers suggest wearing a certain shade that will help you go about the day stressfree. There are ways through which experts use colour to make your life better. Likewise, colour therapy works in a way that balances the seven chakras in your body mentioned above. It is also known as Chromotherapy. In addition, the light frequency method or naked eyes help in absorbing the spectrums. Moreover, chromotherapy equipment is also used to cure any malfunction in the body. The equipment are used by experts only to create an equilibrium.

Astrology and colorshair

Every colour has a significant role in curing your mood and stress levels. The wavelengths of colours play a part in harmonizing our mind and soul. The different shades have different purposes. Therapists use this method (VIBGYOR) in the modern world to eliminate all the apprehensions.

Fun facts about colours

  • Green– The colour green is one of the most common hues that colour therapists use to heal anxiety and hopelessness. The colour green soothes the mind. Further, it enhances the emotion of love and instils you with wisdom. However a pure green colour is used for healing, a lighter shade will have an adverse effect on health.
  • Blue– This vibrant shade helps improve inner truth and spirituality. It’s a cold shade that relaxes the mind and regenerates energy in your frame. It also lowers blood pressure and gives inner mortal peace.
  • Yellow– This is a pigment is super bright and cheerful in nature. It makes you happy from the inside. Moreover, it helps in concentration and increases will power. Yellow is the most extreme colour of the spectrum of the rainbow section.
  • Orange– This hue is popular to ignite sensuality and physical well being in you. Also, you will have a strong immune system this way. However, if you are suffering from anxiety then avoid the orange healing.
Colors and their significant role in astrology
  • Red– The sacred colour red is prone to evoke emotions that are at a surface coiled up. So this shade is put to use only for physical healing rather than emotional.
  • Indigo– The colour indigo/royal blue has to do with inner vision and cosmic healing. It harmonizes sleep patterns and self-confidence in you.
  • Violet– This pigment helps to improve intuitive powers within you. Further, it also helps keep nightmares at bay and ordains you with sound mental health.

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