Combination Of Moon and Mars In Different Houses

Combination Of Moon And Mars

In Vedic astrology, Moon is the significator of emotions. It rules over the mind of the native. Whereas, Mars represents red, rugged, raw energies. It is the significator of violence, courage, anger, leadership quality, musk, saffron, and forcefulness. The combination of Moon and Mars brings contradictory results.

Together, Moon and Mars make the native dicey, emotional, aggressive, confident, hyperactive, and rigid. As Moon signifies mind and Mars represents anger, the conjunction of these two energies results in terrifying emotional and mental results.

Moon is a shimmering, feminine celestial body. On the other hand, Mars is an aggressive, fierce planet. When they come together, the native suffers the emotional sentence where they beat up themselves over emotional turmoil as well as uncontrollable aggression. Additionally, they will be war tactic experts and nobody would be able to beat them in disputes.

The conjunction of Moon and Mars conceives different results based on the house they sit in. Let us find out what are the most possible outcomes of this combination in different houses of astrology

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Effect of Combination Of Moon and Mars in 1st House

  • Moon signifies shiny white things. The 1st house rules over physical appearance, personality, and habits. Herein, Moon offers the native a fair complexion. Whereas, Mars offers them a courageous persona.
  • The combination in this house draws an impact on the emotional state, temperament, childhood, growth, public image, and sense of self. Moon makes the native emotional and Mars makes them rigid and aggressive.
  • These natives will focus on work and perform efficiently. They will be brave and full of emotions. Though, the conjunction will make them take decisions without proper thinking.
  • As a negative impact, these natives would need to be extra careful with their tone, words, and actions. Otherwise, they can land into problems.

Effect of Combination Of Moon and Mars in 2nd House

  • The 2nd house rules over the possessions, investments, cars, and furniture. It is also called Dhana Bhava. In this house, the combination brings name and fame to the natives. They will be wealthy and belong to a high-class family with good fortune in monetary aspects.
  • On the other hand, they will loud, aggressive. Such natives will not share a warm relationship with their family. Also, they will be very unsocial and maintain limited contact.
  • In the finance house, the conjunction of Moon and Mars gives the native a financial blessing. However, they will have many financial ups and downs in their life.
  • Such male natives can take benefit of lady luck and acquire wealth and property. Later in life, they can be blessed with a son.

Effect of Combination Of Moon and Mars in 3rd House

  • The 3rd house rules over mental abilities. It is the house of intelligence, the ability to grasp and memorize. As a result of the combination in this house, the native will possess the prowess of memorizing.
  • In addition to the mental intelligence, they will have amazing physical strength. They will wise and clever and hold a nature where they put themselves first.
  • As a result of their abilities, they will build great riches. Also, they will not hesitate in undertaking any work.
  • They will have a gold-oriented nature. Their optimistic viewpoint will serve them well in combating hard times in life.

Effect of Combination Of Moon and Mars in 4th House

Moon And Mars Combination In The 4th House
  • The 4th house rules over homeland, roots, property, and relationship with mother. In this house, the combination of Moon and Mars brings mixed results. Natives with such a planetary position will become a successful person.
  • As a result, they will acquire a great social status and will be applauded for their courageous traits. They will have a sharp mind and become experts in science. They can become a scientist.
  • Due to the Moon with the furious energy of Mars, they will have a short temper and be argumentative. On occasions, they may have quarrelsome behavior. Also, due to the passionate fire of Mars, these natives can become sex addicts.
  • Along with this, they will have charitable behavior and many friends across the globe. They can become a strong politician as well.
  • This is the house of the mother, due to the presence of Mars, natives will not share a warm relationship with their mother.

Effect of Combination Of Moon and Mars in 5th House

  • The combination of Moon and Mars forms Lakshmi Yoga. It bestows the natives with abundance and popularity.
  • The 5th house represents playfulness, sex, romance, children, and creativity. Herein, Mars and Moon draw a deep impact on the emotions of the native. As a result, they will be impulsive, aggressive, and stubborn. Also, they will be brave and kind.
  • Regardless of their timid nature, they will acquire great wealth and property and enjoy the bliss of a son. Their children will love and respect them in all the ways and be sincere to them.
  • This combination will also make the natives expert in politics, diplomacy, and the stock market. They can become a reputed entity in either of these fields. Nobody will be able to them either in war or in debates.
  • As a negative impact, they will have an unstable financial situation at times. This may also push them to get involved in fraud activities. Additionally, they can become crook minded and have jealousy.

Effect of Combination Of Moon and Mars in 6th House

  • The 6th house represents enemies, debts, wellness, sickness, daily routine, and daily choices. As a result of the combination of Moon and Mars in the 6th house, natives gain strong mental and physical health.
  • Natives with this planetary combination will have a revengeful nature. They will never spare their enemies.
  • Along with financial success, these people will enjoy a romantic life. They will be flirty in nature and have multiple relationships. However, their married life will be fruitful. They will remain faithful to their spouse and enjoy a joyous union.
  • Such natives will have good taste buds and will want to enjoy different cuisines. They can be a successful person involved in the food industry, hotel business, or chef.
  • Regardless of their kind and faithful nature, they will have issues with their employees and may suffer losses due to the same.

Effect of Combination Of Moon and Mars in 7th House

  • The 7th house represents the spouse and partnership. It involves business partners and professional relationships as well.
  • Herein, the conjunction makes the native a charming, fair colored individual. They will have a good physique and be tall in height.
  • As it is the house of spouse, the combination of Moon and Mars in the 7th house bestows the natives with a cool minded and beautiful/handsome spouse. They will be sensual in nature. However, they may or may not be very faithful towards the native.
  • The energy of Mars herein will make the native a cruel person with a harsh tone. They will not treat others with respect unless they wish to attain benefits from the other person.
  • They will have a narrow mentality. Additionally, their mother will also be of a cruel nature and will not support the natives.

Effect of Combination Of Moon and Mars in 8th House

  • The 8th house signifies death, longevity, and sudden profit & loss. As a result of the conjunction in this house, the natives will have a weak physique and aggressive nature.
  • Along with this, they will have a kind nature, a good heart, and a high spirit. They will be optimistic in nature and will push people toward good deeds. They will also have a sweet voice and speech. It will draw people easily to them.
  • The combination will make them passionate, flirty, and sensuous in nature. However, they will not follow the concept of monogamy. They will cheat on their spouse every now and then.
  • Male natives with this planetary position will have a good-hearted wife but will lose her in sudden health problems.
  • Herein, if the Moon is afflicted badly, the native can also die a sudden death in an accident.

Effect of Combination Of Moon and Mars in 9th House

  • The 9th house rules over dharma. It is the house that represents inclination towards good deeds, charity, spiritual learning, religion, and ethics. As a result of Moon and Mars in the 9th house, the natives will acquire higher knowledge and will be extremely talented and intelligent.
  • These natives will attain name and fame. They will be really good at their studies and thus will win a lot of scholarships. They will get the support of the government in reaching higher levels.
  • The conjunction will make them energetic and short-tempered but will also shower fortunes. These people will acquire all kinds of wealth, property, and happiness. They will become the creator of their fortune.
  • Additionally, they will share a very heartwarming relationship with their father. They will support the native at every step of life. The native will also get the benefit of parental property.
  • They will be emotionally attached to their family remember. Time and again, they will help their family members and take the help of their family members.

Effect of Combination Of Moon and Mars in 10th House

Moon And Mars Combination In The 10th House
  • Also known as the Karma Bhava, the 10th house rules over the area of occupation, profession, reputation, success, and prestige of the native. Herein, the combination of Moon and Mars make the native unstoppable and unbeatable in their career.
  • These natives will be very much attached to their job position and authority. They will be emotional and impulsive. Therefore, they will be ready for all kind of courageous acts.
  • As a result of this conjunction, the natives can earn great respect for their courageous nature.
  • The native will be rich and affluent. They will be blessed with prosperity. Through their own effort and personality, they will acquire everything in the world.
  • Native people have all kinds of satisfaction and comfort. They will also succeed in all their endeavors. In their entire venture, they will aim to change the world for the better.
  • In their entire undertaking, they will be successful. However, in their career, they can have an unpredictable working life and several kinds of up & down.

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Effect of Combination Of Moon and Mars in 11th House

  • Mars signifies energy and red, shiny things. Herein the 11th house, when it comes in the combination with Moon, it brings raw energy. It makes the native impulsive. The 11th house represents monetary gains, a hike in income, and financial profit.
  • In addition to this, the native will have a charming and attractive person. They will be excellent speakers who would be able to convince anybody. These natives can become experts in the stock market and gain great monetary benefits from the same.
  • They will have good mental ability. These natives will be peacemakers. They will have a harmoneous and sweet nature. Nonetheless, they will jolly, clever, and wise.
  • The energy of the Moon will make them take interest in the creative field. Whereas, the force of Mars will give them the determination to become whatever they wish. They will learn and teach not to quit.
  • Gradually, in their life, they will attain several higher posts and awards. They will be respected all across the globe and people will listen to them.

Effect of Combination Of Moon and Mars in 12th House

  • The 12th house represents the end. As it is the last house of the horoscope, it represents the end of the physical journey and the beginning of the spiritual journey. It also signifies self-imprisonment and self-undoing.
  • Herein, the presence of the Moon and Mars makes the native overemotional. They will take decisions by following their hearts. However, they will enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. The energy of Mars will keep pushing them to attain more and more luxury throughout their lifetime.
  • These natives will be experts of wars and debates. They will know very well to crush their enemies. Nonetheless, when in trouble, they will not think twice before opting immoral path.
  • They will travel a lot and have a materialistic approach towards everything in life. All in their life, they will want to earn more and more money through any medium.
  • At one point, they will get involved in the wrong acts. Their criminal acts and fraud nature can cause them trouble. They may even have to go to the jail.

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