Cord Cutting- Why Is It Necessary To Cut An Energy Cord

Cord Cutting- Why Is It Necessary To Cut An Energy Cord

Everything in this universe is formed by energy. All the humans, animals, things, our thoughts, and emotions are also energy. When our energies interact with the energies of others, a psychic tie is created with them. This energetic connection formed between two individuals is called an energy cord.

Cords can create an enhanced psychic connection between two people. This can be draining for a person, as energy flows from one person to another through this energy cord. The creation of the cord happens unconsciously or subconsciously. The energy cord makes two individuals feel closer to each other.

There are two types of energetic cords: a positive energetic cord and a negative energetic cord. A positive energetic cord allows the flow of unconditional love and mutual respect between two individuals. Growing or maintaining these cords help us maintain a positive attitude and our body’s positive energy.

The second cord is a negative energetic cord. This is a toxic cord that makes negative energies such as fear, rage, and trauma lingers on. A toxic cord can have a detrimental effect on one’s life and can change one’s positive attitude to a negative attitude. So, these cords must be cut immediately.

Common Reasons For Negative Cords

A toxic or negative cord is generally formed with the following people:

  • Sexual abuser
  • Psychological abuser
  • Ex-lover or ex-spouse
  • With sexual partners
  • Bullies
  • A traumatic incident such as sexual abuse can also create a negative cord.

Why Is It Necessary To Cut An Energy Cord Why Is It Necessary To Cut An Energy Cord

The neediness or dependency that a person has towards the other people in life makes an energy cord stronger. As time passes, we create more and more cords with various people in our lives. This can become really messy and emotionally draining for a person, especially if the cord between a person and their ex still exists. These cords can be extremely draining and can change one’s outlook on life.

Sometimes, a cord can create dependency issues which are very unhealthy for both the individuals. In certain situations, a person can find it very tough to get over an abuser or someone who caused them trauma, due to a cord. This can be destructive for an individual and such cords need to be cut as early as possible.

A negative energy cord can make one feel emotionally connected to an ex even after a break-up. People can’t attract new, healthier relationships due to such energy cords. Some individuals might cling on and stay in toxic relationships due to energy cords. Sometimes, negative energy cords can lead to lack of confidence and holding on to negative emotions such as pain, anger, etc. So, it is very important to cut these cords. It feels wonderful to be clear and clean of the energy cords. It improves our ability to think, love, and certainly helps us move on from toxic connections.

Benefits Of Cord Cutting

Cutting a cord can immensely improve a relationship – parent-child, romantic relationships, past relationships, friends, and siblings. It makes any relationship healthier. It helps by removing any unhealthy habits between people in a relationship like co-dependency, etc. It helps to clear certain relationship blocks. This helps in improving the quality of future relationships a person has.

Cord-cutting can also help a person heal to a great extent. Once a cord is cut, a person feels lighter and finds a huge relief from the emotions they have been carrying like a burden along with them. It also helps in letting go of all the negative emotions one has been carrying along with them over the years.

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