World Environment Day- Relation between Plants and Planets in Astrology

World Environment Day- Relation between Plants and Planets in Astrology

Astrology and botany are like two sides of a coin. Both go hand in hand. Not only trees provide us oxygen, home, shelter, food, etc. But they also have a special significance in Astrology as well. Moreover, they can also calm down the malefic effect of the planets. It is believed that each planet is associated with some of the other plants. These sacred plants are tied on the individual’s body while performing Yagya. These plants reduce the poor effect of the various planets. In addition, during the Yagya, the wood of some particular trees is burnt. It is done to gain the benefits of the Hawan Ceremony. In this article, you will be reading the various plants associated with the various planets. So, this World Environment Day let’s explore the Relation between Plants and Planet in Astrology.

Mercury Planet

To get the benefits of Mercury planet, one should wear the roots of the Vidhaar plant tied with a green thread. To calm down the poor effects of Mercury, the wood of Apamarg plant should be used in the Hawan Ceremony. Moreover, the mantra to eradicate all the obstacles due to afflicted Mercury is ‘Om Bram Breem Broma Saha Budhaya Namah.’ Chanting this mantra for nine thousand times is considered highly beneficial.

Venus Planet

To get the benefits of the planet Venus, the roots of the Sarponkha plant should be tied with a glittering thread. In the Hawan ceremony to calm down the effect of malefic Venus, the wood of Gular tree should be used. Moreover, chanting the mantra ‘Om Dram Dreem Droma Saha Shukriya Namah’ for sixteen thousand times benefits an individual.

Mars planet

Tied in a red cloth, the roots of Anantmool plant should be worn to get the benefits of the planet Mars. In the Hawan ceremony to remove the planet’s malefic influence, the wood of the Khair tree should be used. To overcome the hurdles due to the poor condition of Mars, the mantra ‘Om Kram Kreem Kroma Saha Bhomaya Namah’ should be chanted for nine thousand times.

Jupiter Planet

To avail of the benefits of this enormous planet, the roots of the Banana plants tied with a yellow thread should be worn. To calm down the effects of Jupiter, the wood of the Peepal tree is used in ceremonies. The mantra to gain blessings from this planet is ‘Om Gram Green Groma Saha Gurveya Namah’. Chanting it for nineteen thousand times brings luck and removes the malefic effect of the planet.

Saturn Planet

Saturn is the planet of Lord Shani. Roots of the Bichu plant should be tied to avail the benefits of the Saturn planet. The wood of the Shami plants is used in the rituals and Havan Ceremonies to calm down the influence of the planet. By chanting the mantra ‘OM Praam Preem Proma Saha Shaneshcharya Namah’ for twenty-three thousand times, one can overcome the obstacles due to afflicted Saturn.


By wearing the bark of the Sandalwood tree, one can get benefitted from the planet Rahu. However, the color of the thread by which it should be tied will vary from person to person. It will depend on the sign-in in which Rahu is situated. Further, in the Havan ceremonies, the wood of the Durva tree is used. To get rid of the malefic influence of this planet, the mantra ‘Om Brahm Bhreem Bhroma Saha Rahve Namah’ should be chanted for eighteen thousand times.


Wearing the roots of the Asangadh tree is preferable to avail the benefits and blessings of this planet. Like Rahu, the color of the thread for this planet will also depend on the sign-in which Ketu is situated. The bark of the Kush tree is used for performing the Havan Ceremony. The mantra to overcome hurdles due to afflicted Ketu is given as ‘Om Sram Sreem Sroma Saha Ketve Namah’. Chanting this mantra for ten thousand times is considered beneficial.


The Sun is the center of all the planets hence wearing the roots of the pious Belpatra plant tied in a red cloth leads to a trouble-free life. In Havanas, the wood of the Bank tree is used. In addition, the mantra for gaining blessing and Benefits of Sun is ‘On Hram Hreem Hroma Saha Suraya Namah’. One should chant this mantra for eleven thousand times to avail of the benefits and overcome hurdles.


The roots of the Khirni plant should be worn to avail benefits of the Moon. Further, the barks of the Palash tree should be used in the rituals and Havan ceremonies. Chanting the mantra ‘Om Shraam Shreem Shroma Soha Chandramase Namah’ for eleven thousand times overcome the hurdles due to afflicted Moon.

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